5 ways to create emotionally healthy relationships: Expert suggests, Tips

5 ways to create emotionally healthy relationships: Expert suggests, Tips

From being ourselves to understanding our partners’ emotional state to being curious, here are five ingredients of making a emotionally healthy relationship.

Relationships take a lot of work and efforts. It depends how much a person is interested in understanding the other person and also communicating about their emotions. With time, relationships start to open up the traumas and the imperfections of the partners. It is then we need to put in extra efforts in understanding them through it all and create a healthy and a safe space for their emotions to thrive.

A relationship also thrives on the need of being listened to, heart and understood. In her latest Instagram post, psychologist Nicole LePera addressed the issue of emotionally healthy relationships and wrote, “What we’re actually looking for in any relationship is to be seen, heard, appreciated and supported. To practice this, we have to be curious, open, and aware of another person’s emotional state. What are the things that you notice make you feel really good in relationships?”

Nicole answered the question in her post. She laid down five ingredients of creating a emotionally healthy relationship. They are, as follows:


A small appreciation goes a long way. Throughout the day, our partners do very small yet important things for us. It is important to keep appreciating them for the efforts that they are taking in keeping the relationship healthy.


It should not occur to our partners that we are not interested in their things. We should be curious of their emotions, how they are feeling and of their internal worlds, and should urge them to share it with us.


Sometimes just spending time with each other can feel like magic. It need not be a grand thing or a date, it can sometimes be as simple as watching a film or cooking together.

Energy awareness:

Sometimes when they talk, they are not looking for a response. They just want to be listened to. We should understand the emotional state and energy they are in and act accordingly.

Be yourself:

In relationships, we should not end up losing our individuality – instead, we should create a healthy space where we and our partners can be honest and the truest version of ourselves.

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