Adventure Day October 15 ,2022, history, significance

Adventure Day October 15 ,2022, history, significance

Do you know yourself well? Did you make up adventures as a child just to escape the grind of daily life, or do you still? There’s nothing like using your imagination when jumping out of a tree and for a few moments imagining you were flying with Peter Pan.

As we get older and, more and more responsibilities pile up we can forget that life is the never-ceasing adventure that we are on. We have the choice of taking the risk and living our lives with wide-eyed joyfulness or holding our breath for fear of what is around the corner. Adventure Day reminds us that we’re only here for a short while, and any day is a good day to have an adventure.

History of Adventure Day

What’s in a word? Follow it back far enough, and you can find its roots in Latin with the word “adventurus” which became “aventure” in the French, a word which means “about to happen” or “arrive.”

This word also had some cultural meanings that referred to the fate that would befall a man if he were simply to wait at home rather than going out to grasp what life had to offer. An adventure was what happened when you set out to take life by the hand and live it.

Adventurers were not bound by fate but instead would take on the rigors of life to help make their own. Physical, mental, and emotional challenges help us to grow and wrest our fates from the hands of the Gods. Whether you choose to indulge in mountain climbing, skydiving, or just approaching that cute stranger at the coffee shop, you’re taking a risk that can bring great things to your life.

Adventure Day reminds us that every day should be an adventure and that to waste a single moment is to leave our lives in the hands of fate.

How to Celebrate Adventure Day

When we’re children, we know that every moment of our lives is an adventure. Whether we’re in the backyard using our imagination to create grand stories and transform our backyards into a bountiful world of play, or marveling in something as simple as a new food, we experience everything with our eyes wide open.

Adventure Day encourages you to get out and face the world with that same enthusiasm and lack of fear, recognizing that life is meant for living, and every day presents us with opportunities to take joy in everything from large to small.

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