Cancer horoscope today December 5, 2022, astrology Prediction

Cancer horoscope today December 5, 2022, astrology Prediction

Dear Cancer, today be ready with open arms to receive unexpected accolades. Your selfless act that went unnoticed, or the hard work you put in, not realizing that your superiors were watching you, is finally paying off.

You will be elated to be surrounded by people who praise you and recognize your diligent and kind efforts, foresee Astroyogi astrologers. The Moon in Aries will impact your emotions and decisions positively.

Today, the color yellow will attract luck. The time between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm is auspicious.

Cancer love life today

Today will be a very romantic day for you, so if you’re part of a couple make sure you choose your favourite restaurant and make that reservation. Both of you will be buzzing with romantic feelings and will enjoy the time together immensely. After dinner, maybe a moonlit walk?

Cancer Career Today

Today your efforts will bring about positive results, as you are likely to be lucky in unexpected areas. People engaged in media will have a very good day in the office today.

An exciting new career awaits you provided you grab the opportunity. Allowing the opportunity to slip from your hands may make you regret it later, whereas seizing it now will usher in a bright future for you.

Cancer Finance Today

Today you will see that some of the good you have done for others comes back to you in positive financial ways. Your donations will give you tax rebates and some favours you did for others will get you helpful favours in return.

Today you learn the lesson of ‘what goes around comes around”, but you learn that it applies to positive actions as well!

Cancer health today

Today you feel like you are on top of the world. Your confidence and stamina are very high today and you feel like you could potentially do anything.

Ride this wave of high self-esteem throughout the day and use this positive energy to get started on new ventures and projects. Use your “can-do attitude to further your life goals today.

Lucky Number – 4

Lucky colour – red

Lucky time – 03:51 AM

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