Happy Birthday Jungkook: V spars with him, J-Hope calls him ‘September husband’

Happy Birthday Jungkook: V spars with him, J-Hope calls him ‘September husband’

Happy Birthday, Jungkook: BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, and V wished the ‘maknae’ on his 25th birthday. Check out their posts here.

As BTS’ youngest member Jungkook is celebrating his 25th birthday (international age, he’s 26 according to Korean culture), his fellow group members also wished him. Taking to Weverse, Jin shared a post, “Jungkook, happy birthday. Call me if you want to hear more details.”

Taking to his Instagram Stories, RM posted a photo of Jungkook feasting on a snack. In the photo, Jungkook took a huge bite from a roll as he stood outside near a food truck wearing a black T-shirt. Tagging Jungkook, RM wrote, “Happy birthday dummy Jungkook.” Suga took to @BTS_twt, the official Twitter account of BTS, and wrote, “Happy birthday to our maknae (youngest person in a group), have a happy day #It’s Suga hyung (elder brother) #JUNGKOOKDAY #The weather is fine.

On his Instagram Stories, J-Hope posted an old video of Jungkook singing along with him. He added several stickers, happy birthday, JK, and also tagged Jungkook. He wrote, “When we were young.”

J-Hope also shared pictures of Jungkook in formal outfits on Twitter. He wrote, “Happy birthday my bruhhh!!! Hope U best day everrrr (purple heart emoji). -your hope-” He also added the hashtags–Happy Birthday Jungkook, HAPPY JK DAY, Because I can’t without Jungkook 9 years together.

J-Hope also posted a brief clip of Jungkook dancing at the launch party of his album Jack In The Box. He shared it with the caption, “We love your groovyyyy.” He added the hashtags–Jungkook birthday, Jungkookah Thank You For Being Born, and September husband picked faster than anyone else. J-Hope also tweeted, “Sorry for my fault in my #…#OurYouJungkook #thank you for being by my side Jungkook #Master Jungkook _ May you live forever. #Jungkook must be _unconditionally_happy too.” He also tweeted, “Just happened lol…”

BTS member V also wished Jungkook with an unseen monochrome video of him sparring with the latter. In the clip, Jungkook acted as V’s trainer as they sparred. V captioned the post, “@Happyjkday @Jungkook let’s spar someday @Jungkook stay healthy and have a happy year.”

Jungkook auditioned and later chose to be a part of BTS at the age of 14. He was still in school when he debuted with other BTS members– RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, and V. Recently, Jungkook released his song Left and Right in collaboration with singer Charlie Puth. BTS will be seen at their show, Yet to Come, in October where they will perform to support South Korea’s bid to host the 2030 World Expo in Busan.

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