Hillary Clinton extends support to Finland’s Sanna Marin amid party furore: ‘Keep dancing’

Hillary Clinton extends support to Finland’s Sanna Marin amid party furore: ‘Keep dancing’

US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton came in support of Finland PM Sanna Marin amid party furore and advised her to “keep dancing”.

Amid severe backlash being faced by Finland’s Prime Minister, whose drug test turned negative after her video of the “wild” party went viral on the internet, US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton came in support of Sanna Marin and advised her to “keep dancing”.

Clinton, a former lawyer who served as the 67th United States secretary of state from 2009 to 2013, took to the microblogging site and posted an old photograph in which she can be seen enjoying dancing with a big smile on her face in a crowded club.

Marin quickly responded to the tweet and wrote, “Thank you Hillary Clinton”, including a heart emoji.

The photo was taken during a 2012 trip to Colombia when she was secretary of state. “As Ann Richards said, “Ginger Rogers did everything that Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels.” Here’s me in Cartagena while I was there for a meeting as Secretary of State. Keep dancing, @marinsanna,” she tweeted. This came nearly two weeks after a video of the world’s youngest Prime Minister partying with celebrities went viral on social media platforms.

The viral video shows at least six people dancing and mimicking a song in front of a camera, including Marin. As the video proceeds, the 36-year-old Finnish PM is seen on her knees on what seems to be the dance floor with her arms behind her head dancing while mimicking a song.


Amid backlash over her party, the Prime Minister told reporters that she was upset as her private party was made public and added she had not taken drugs in any form. Subsequently, she took a drug test voluntarily on August 19.

The Finnish government’s Communication Department, in a statement, said that no narcotics were found in the Prime Minister’s drug test. It further stated that PM Marin bore the costs of the test herself and the drug test statement was approved by occupational health doctor Paavo Halonen from Terveystalo – a Finnish private healthcare company.

Marin apologises for ‘inappropriate’ pictures for the second time in a month

However, Marin had to apologise again after a photograph of two topless women taken at a party inside Marin’s official residence went viral on the internet. According to The Guardian, the picture first appeared on TikTok of the model and influencer Sabina Sarkka and then went viral on other social media platforms. The image shows two women– not Marin – kissing while lifting up their tops, with a “Finland” sign covering their breasts. “I think the picture is not appropriate, I apologise for it. Such a picture should not have been taken,” Marin said.

Finland PM has a history of controversial parties

It is worth mentioning Marin was elected in December 2019 and became the youngest Prime Minister. While speaking to reporters, Marin said she spends her free time with friends just like others her age and that she intends to continue being the same person as before. “I hope that’s accepted. We live in a democracy and in elections, everyone can decide these issues,” she said, according to YLE.

Notably, this was not the first time when she was brutally trolled for her party but the internet went on fire as similar videos of clubbing with the country’s Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto until 4 am went viral. Later, she tested positive for COVID-19. Subsequently, Marin wrote a lengthy apology note on Facebook and expressed regret that her partying photographs were published by a Finnish magazine.

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