Hindi diwas 2023 – why Indians are celebrating Hindi day, brief history

Hindi Diwas 2023: Only 70% of Chinese people are able to speak Mandarin, according to a report by the Chinese news agency Xinhua. Hindi is the mother tongue of 64 crore people worldwide, compared to an estimated 78 percent of Hindi speakers in India. Whereas 44 crore people speak Hindi as their third, fourth, or fifth language, and 20 crore people speak it as their second language.

Hindi Day 2023 (Photo Source: freepik.com)

Hindi Diwas 2023: Hindi is one of the central government’s two official languages, the other being English. It is one of the Republic of India’s 22 scheduled languages. According to legend, Hindi was acknowledged as one of the two official languages thanks to the efforts of Hazari Prasad Dwivedi, Kaka Kalelkar, Maithili Sharan Gupta, and Seth Govind Das, as well as Behar Rajendra Simha.

This event occurred on Rajendra Simha’s 50th birthday, which happened on September 14, 1916. He illustrated the original final manuscript of India’s Constitution. Every year on September 14th, Hindi Day is observed. Come on, crucial aspects about this

Why is Hindi Day celebrated on 14 September?

The origins of Hindi Diwas can be traced back to the early days of India’s freedom movement. The Hindi Sahitya Sammelan (Hindi Sahitya Sammelan) was founded in 1918 by a group of Hindi intellectuals and activists to promote the use of Hindi as a national language. The conference was instrumental in the establishment of Hindi as India’s national language.

India has hundreds of languages and dialects. On December 6, 1946, the constitution was founded to prepare the constitution of independent India. On November 26, 1949, the Constituent Assembly accepted the final text of the Constitution.

The Constitution of Independent India went into effect throughout the country on January 26, 1950. However, the subject of which Indian national language will be chosen was critical. After great consideration, Hindi and English were chosen as the new nation’s languages.

Along with the British, the Constituent Assembly recognized Hindi written in Devanagari script as the official language of the nation. The Constituent Assembly unanimously resolved on September 14, 1949, that Hindi would be India’s national language. In 1953, the first Hindi Day was observed.

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