International Day of Rural Women – October 15, 2022, history, significance

International Day of Rural Women – October 15, 2022, history, significance

International Day of Rural Women is on October 15. This day is dedicated to the millions of women living in remote, rural places and celebrates the achievements and contributions of these women towards rural development and agriculture.


Since its establishment in 1945, the United Nations (U.N.) has worked towards maintaining peace and friendship among all the countries in the world. The U.N. has carried out several humanitarian projects and passed resolutions and acts for the preservation of the environment. One of the most notable feats of the U.N. is the amount of work it has put into the upliftment and well-being of women, especially rural women.

In 1995, during the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China, the idea of empowering and honoring women was put forward. Since October 16 was celebrated as World Food Day, it was suggested that October 15 be celebrated as International Day of Rural Women to appreciate the contribution of rural women in agriculture, food production, and food safety.

In 2003, during the World Summit on the Information Society held in Geneva, a resolution was passed for the commitment to building capacity in information and communication technology for all, including women and indigenous people in remote and rural communities. This resolution was also taken up during the 2005 Tunis Agenda For Information Society in Tunis, Tunisia.

On December 18, 2007, during the United Nations General Assembly, it was declared in its resolution of 62/136 that October 15 would be celebrated annually as International Day of Rural Women worldwide.

Since then, International Day of Rural Women is observed in many countries globally and celebrates the strength and achievements of these women in the sustainability of rural households and the general well-being of the community, despite the struggles and the stereotypes.


The United Nations is Born
The U.N. is established with 51 founding member states.

The Idea is Born
The idea to celebrate International Day of Rural Women is put forward during the General Assembly in Beijing, China.

The World Summit in Geneva
A resolution for working towards the development of information technology for women in rural places is initiated.

International Day of Rural Women
It is declared in the U.N. General Assembly that October 15 will be observed as International Day of Rural Women.


Spread the word
Many people are unaware that October 15 is International Day of Rural Women. One of the best ways to observe this day would be to spread awareness. You can either write blog articles or make a social media post about the topic.

Attend discussions
On this day, several debates and discussions on women’s empowerment and policy decisions are held on television and radio programs. You can either attend one of these or you can watch the telecast to expand your knowledge.

Join hands with an N.G.O
Team up any charitable non-governmental organization and try to do something that will make a change in the lives of women living in rural places. Educational facilities, scholarships for women, financial assistance, and tips on menstruation health and sanitization are some of the things you can consider.


Michelle Bachelet was the first head
President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet was appointed as the head of United Nations Women in 2010.

Ogilvy & Mather collaborated with U.N. Women
Ogilvy & Mather teamed up with U.N. Women to produce a series of ads to reveal the widespread prevalence of sexism on the internet.

U.N. Women leads the celebrations
United Nations Women is one of the leading organizations that coordinates International Women’s Day events and celebrations.

U.N. Women helps pregnant mothers
United Nations Women helps one million women a month to have safe pregnancies.

U.N. Women honors goodwill ambassadors
United Nations Women has honored several celebrities, including Nicole Kidman and Emma Watson, with the honorific title, ‘U.N. Women Goodwill Ambassador’.


It is a celebration of the achievements of women
This day allows us to understand the struggles faced by women, especially in rural places. It allows us to appreciate the hard work and contributions of these women in agriculture and the development of rural communities.

It reminds us to reach out a helping hand
This day is a reminder that there are millions of women in remote rural areas who need our help. From basic amenities to financial aids, there’s plenty of ways you can reach out and make a difference in the lives of these women.

It is a reminder to fight the stereotypes
Women are subjected to different types of social and gender norms. Though the lives of women in the cities are improving, the women in rural areas are still fighting stereotypes and prejudices against them. This day calls for standing up for these women and supporting them in breaking free from the shackles of societal norms and discrimination.

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