National Holistic Pet Day – August 30, 2022, history, quotes

National Holistic Pet Day – August 30, 2022, history, quotes

Mind. Body. Spirit. Fetch. Fetch? When it comes to the well-being of our pets, any kind of movement is game — even fetch. On August 30, we can share valuable insights to help our pets have more fulfilling lives on National Holistic Pet Day.

A holistic approach to well-being is nothing new for humans, but applying the lifestyle to household pets is still a growing trend. It starts with the basics of good nutrition, lots of physical exercise, and even mental stimulation. Animals need to be mentally active and challenged or they risk listlessness and boredom. Take some time to learn about caring for your pet with the same generosity you give your own mind, body, and spirit.

If someone yells at me, they are not expressing love. They may be threatening me. They may be expressing great frustration with me. They may simply be trying to control my behavior. However, they are not communicating love.

Cathy Burnham Martin

History of National Holistic Pet Day

Coleen Paige from the Animal Miracle Foundation started the day to encourage the owners to look at the issues which cause the impact on pet welfare. In recent years, holistic medicine has grown in popularity, but many peoples have not considered it in terms of treating their pets.

The day was created to try and bring more publicity to the idea that holistic treatments, where a pet’s lifestyle, diet, and environment are fully considered, are more beneficial. The Holistic treatments will improve nutrition and will increase your pet’s energy. It also cures some chronic conditions. So it is a perfect day to bring awareness among the peoples about the importance of Holistic treatments and how it improves the life quality of pets.

Half the time he felt entirely out of control. Half the time he threw up walls out of fear. And half the time he opted out of life before anyone had the chance to discard him. No matter that the math didn’t add up, it was just how he felt.

Laura Kaye,

Other Celebrations on August 30

August 30 is also celebrated as

National Grief Awareness Day
International Whale Shark Day
National Frankenstein Day

The life of an “out-of-control” addict often resembles an amusement ride.

Asa Don Brown

How to Celebrate the day

There is no special way to celebrate National Holistic Pet Day, but it is an opportunity once a year to promote holistic treatments with press articles and support from many animal organizations. You can use the hashtag #NationalHolisticPetDay to create awareness on social media about the importance of Holistic Treatments.


Read up on holistic care
If you aren’t familiar with holistic health care or haven’t experimented with it for yourself, it will surely be difficult to employ it on your pet. Take the day to read up on how it could change your own life, and you’ll be a much stronger advocate for holistic pet care.

Make a batch of homemade dog food
Sometimes taking matters into your own hands is the best approach. By making your own dog food, you know exactly what’s going inside and nourishing your pet. However, be sure to research pet nutrition. Dogs, for example, make their own vitamin C, so no need to include ingredients high in this antioxidant.

Expose your pet to new experiences
Imagine if you rarely left the confines of your home and office. You’d go a little stir-crazy. If you’re a dog owner, head to a new park or field to experience foreign subtle scents and sounds. Buy your cat some holistic toys for better stimulation.


Preventative care is better care
Holistic pet care places a large focus on preventative care. You can give your pets a long, healthy, happy life by improving their daily upkeep and routines today so you can keep them disease-free down the road. Find a veterinarian who emphasizes holistic, preventative, treatment methods.

It saves time and money
While there’s nothing in the world we wouldn’t do for our pets, needlessly running back and forth to the vet is costly. Integrate bonding time with your pet by feeling them for cancerous lumps or checking out their teeth and breath. Don’t forget those healthy walks and lazy nights on the couch!

Give your pets higher quality treats
Let’s face it — pet food is expensive, especially treats. On National Holistic Pet Day, consider what kind of treats you’re giving your pets during training or just because. Make sure your pet treats aren’t fatty or laced with unhealthy ingredients and additives.

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