National Liqueur Day – October 16, 2022, history, significance

National Liqueur Day – October 16, 2022, history, significance

Liqueurs are basically alcoholic beverages made from distilled spirits — with lots of added flavors. Some call them cordials, while others call them schnapps. They all add up to different varieties of liqueurs. Maraschino, Orange, Coffee, Sweet, or Sour — it doesn’t matter the flavor to be celebrated. Grab your liqueur of choice and toast a friend on October 16 as we celebrate National Liqueur Day!

History of National Liqueur Day

Fortified spirits have a history that goes way back to at least 400 BC when the Egyptians would use distilled wine to produce beverages. Sometimes they were mixed with honey, which would produce mead in the same process that is still used today.

As it turns out, the word liqueur comes from the Latin word “liquifacere” which means to liquefy. Other names for liqueurs might include cordials or schnapps.

Today, in order to be categorized as a liqueur, the sugar content must reach a minimum of 2.5%, which is why it is often served as a dessert drink. Some of the most popular and well-known liqueurs of today include Kahlúa, Baileys Irish Cream, Amaretto, Crème de menthe, Angostura Bitters, Limoncello and many others.

National Liqueur Day was founded to celebrate this wide range of delicious distilled drinks that bring flavor and enjoyment to the world!


Liqueur made an appearance in medicine
European monks administered liqueurs, descending from herbal medicines.

Liqueur is introduced to the French court
Catherine de Medici married Henry II of France and introduced liqueur to the French court, making it a fashionable drink.

British-Indian spice trade route was opened
As international trade routes opened, the variety of liqueur flavors increased, including ginger, orange, and chocolate.

Statistics reveal a hike in cordial consumption
Over 1.14 million households in the United States have liqueur consumers.


Sample a cordial
Pick up a few interesting flavors, stock up on flavorful mixers, and host a cordial sampler party with your pals. Hosting not your thing? Visit a local restaurant that offers an after dinner cordial menu and ask the bartender for recommendations.

Hit the road for a memorable trip
Find a liqueur distillery that piques your interest and plan a trip! Learn the process of creating a liqueur, the rich history behind this delectable drink, and sample one firsthand, fresh from the source.

Make your own liqueur
Fancy yourself creative? There are plenty of DIY liqueur recipes out there. All you really need are a base liquor, a flavor of your choosing, and simple syrup. From there, it’s an easy process to produce your own cordial.


Wind down with a coffee liqueur
Enjoy the flavor — without all the caffeine — when you mix a coffee liqueur with your favorite vodka and cream for the perfect white Russian.

Make your bourbon fancy with a cherry liqueur
Sweeten your favorite bourbon with cherry liqueur, fresh lemon juice, and simple syrup for a refreshing take on a warm classic.

Shake up your margarita with an orange liqueur
Don’t rely on margarita mixes for that perfect tangy/sweet balance, when you can mix your smoothest tequila with an orange liqueur and fresh lime juice.

Enjoy your coffee on the Irish side
Add a little Irish Cream liqueur to your hot or iced latte for an extra-indulgent flavor.


We step out of our comfort zone
Maybe you’re a coffee liqueur guy or an orange liqueur gal. On National Liqueur day, we celebrate all the flavors. Yet…this is a fun day to celebrate diversity by stepping outside our comfort zones and ordering from a different section of the cordial menu. We can try berry, flower, herbal, crème, or one of the many other genres of liqueur.

We toast with our friends
What better way to celebrate National Liqueur Day than to break the trend of meeting over coffees or dinner, and flip the script on the social outing? We can grab our friends and toast with a cordial nightcap alongside a rich dessert.

We learn about the history of liqueur
Sure, history isn’t everyone’s favorite subject, but when it involves delicious alcoholic beverages, we might find it more interesting. Like how liqueurs are descendants from herbal remedies, dating back to 13th century monks. We can read up on our favorite cordials and spice up our post-dinner conversations.

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