National Name Your Car Day – October 2, 2022, history significance why we celebrate

National Name Your Car Day – October 2, 2022, history significance why we celebrate

Name your little red corvette, “Swifty,” and see what happens. National Name Your Car Day every year on October 2, pays homage to those of us who love our rides so much — we name them!

Although it sounds crazy, studies reveal that when we name inanimate objects, like our cars, we assign almost human-like attributes that make us feel more in control. National Name Your Car Day is yet another demonstration of that love thang we Americans have with our rides. So, today, jump in “Birdie” and take off!

History of National Name Your Car Day

The history and origin of the National Name Your Car Day are unknown. The celebration of the day is especially for those who have forgotten this little rite. Imagine how would you have gone shopping and carried it or reached your office at the right time.

Why not a day for your car which protects you from wind, rain, and sun? Any car lover will have named it out of the passion for it, and some others would have forgotten it. Cars are most often considered as female, and of course, it is yours, and you can name it either with a female or male name.

Haven’t you seen the movies with car names? Similarly, name your car and show your love for it. Naming cars make us feel them they were a part of one’s family.


Focus on seat belt safety
Car manufacturers are required to install front, rear and shoulder seat belts.

Airbags are manufactured
Airbags make their appearance in the 70s but car makers are not legally required to install them until airbag technology improves in the late 90s.

Hybrids arrive
Hybrids from Honda, Toyota and Ford experience increased sales because these vehicles are fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly.

Nevada issues self-driving car licenses
Nevada becomes the first state in the U.S. to issue licenses for self-driving cars.

Tesla exceeds its weekly total
For the first time, Tesla delivers 7,000 cars per week including 5,000 Model 3s and a combination of 2,000 Models S and X.



Students break Guinness world record
19 female students in Karachi, Pakistani stuffed themselves into a Smart Car.

Wash your car — or else — in Russia
Drive a dirty car in Russia and you risk getting a ticket.

Cruisin’ with cruise control
The person who invented cruise control was blind.

Do they EVER walk in L.A?
The number of cars in L.A. exceeds the population of almost 4 million people.

Don’t become a statistic
The number one cause of death for Americans under age 35 is car accidents.

How to Celebrate the NameYourCarDay

Celebrating the National Name Your Car Day is very simple. Take some time to research for the perfect name and name your car on this day. You can even name your car with your favorite words or names. Use the hashtag #NameYourCarDay to post and share on social media.

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