National No Excuses Day – September 27, 2022, history significance why we celebrate

National No Excuses Day – September 27, 2022, history significance why we celebrate

National No Excuses Day celebrated on September 27 is the day that we stop making excuses and make sure that we have some fun. Canadian organization SCENE founded National No Excuses Day because nowadays everyone is so focussed on keeping up with the demands of life that we can quickly forget that we should be enjoying ourselves. Today you should let your day-to-day worries rest for a bit. On No Excuses Day, the rule is simple: a wholly honored and honorable commitment to making memories with your favorite people.

History of National No Excuses Day

Founded by the Canadian organization, SCENE, National No Excuses Day is meant to promote social interaction among people. Instead of letting those worries get the best of you, get out of the house and be social. Rather than opting to stay in, No Excuses Day is the time to join in with some friends to watch a movie, go out to dinner, take in a live music performance or simply hang out.

Surveys conducted by SCENE showed that around 90% of people had made excuses to get out of social events with friends or family. The poll also indicated that 75% of people believe that social interactions are healthy and good for their well-being, but they also agreed that most people aren’t getting enough in-person face time.

As it turns out, Millennials seem to be the age category that most often makes excuses to avoid going out. And the most common excuse? “I’m too tired.”

So if someone has issued an invitation for National No Excuses Day, then it’s time to say yes. And if no one has made the first move to get together? That’s no excuse! It’s perfectly fine to be the one who initiates getting together for social activities. Plus, if they say no, it’s easy to remind them that it’s National No Excuses Day!


“Party on, Garth!”
Canadian film producers Nat Taylor and Garth Drabinsky open the first “Cineplex” theater in Toronto’s “Eaton Centre.”

Sticking to the main point(s)
Cineplex Entertainment and Scotiabank team up to launch SCENE, the loyalty program that allows members to earn and spend points on things like movie tickets, meals, sporting goods, even a points-earning pre-movie trivia game played on theatergoers’ smartphones.

Have Tuesdays always been underrated?
SCENE members are granted the extra advantage of an additional ten percent off movie tickets on Tuesdays, the day of the week historically known for low movie-theater crowd numbers.

“Everybody and their brother…”
SCENE membership reaches the ten-million mark, which amounts to over a quarter of Canada’s population (around 37 million as of mid-2020, by U.N. figures).



Not that kind of Cadillac
The “CF Toronto Eaton Centre” has had the “Cadillac Fairview” initials in its name since, in 2015, the property management company acquired the contract to oversee operations at the famous shopping mall, hotel, and business park.

What have you been “Eaton”?
CF Toronto Eaton Centre still bears the name of the once-dominant chain of Canadian department stores, “Eaton’s,” a business analogous to Sears or Woolworth, but one that went bankrupt in 1999.

A big claim to stake
Eaton Centre, as a result of mass-transport influx, downtown location, and steady tourist traffic, is the busiest mall in the continent of North America.

“He’ll be back”
The business hub, in addition to its retail outlets, also contains the management school of Ryerson University, which is the alma mater of James Cameron, the three-time Oscar winner known for “Avatar” and “Titanic.”

The art of the double arcade
CF Toronto Eaton Centre’s architecture is modeled after that of Milan, Italy’s “Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II,” a shopping mall that’s a major landmark in that city, named after Italy’s first king.

How to Celebrate National No Excuses Day

Celebrating National No Excuses Day doesn’t need to be complicated. Try out some of these ideas for celebrating the day:

Go Out and Be Social
Meet up with friends for coffee or cocktails. Accept that invitation from a coworker to get a beer after work. Or just head out dancing and see who you run into! The name of the game for National No Excuses Day is simply to enjoy being with people.

Laugh at Some Ridiculous Excuses
Whether it’s going to grandma’s funeral (for the 15th time) or simply that the weather is bad, here are some of the silliest excuses people have tried to use to get out of things they don’t want to do:

  • I fell over in the shower and knocked myself out.
  • I had a dream that my cat died and now I’m afraid to leave her alone.
  • A cow broke into my house and I have to stay home to wait for the insurance man.
  • I was sitting on the toilet so long that my legs fell asleep. When I stood up, I immediately fell down and broke my ankle.

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