Producer Rohit Shetty praises Ashoke Pandit for winning 10-year fight against land mafia

Rohit Shetty praises Ashoke Pandit for winning 10-year fight against land mafia

Ashoke Pandit and Rohit Shetty celebrated the inauguration of a garden in Juhu, after the land was reportedly reclaimed from builders following a 10-year-long legal battle.

Filmmaker Rohit Shetty inaugurated a garden situated at Gulmohar Cross Road No. 13 in Juhu Scheme, Mumbai and praised filmmaker and FWICE member Ashoke Pandit for his 10-year-long fight against alleged land mafia to reclaim the space for the citizens. Rohit also lives in Juhu.

Ahead of the event, Ashoke Pandit shared a video on Twitter to talk about the land. He said that builders had grabbed the land illegally and the citizens and activists of the area had to fight for 10 years to get it back. He also said that we did not allow something like Noida’s Twin Towers to be built, only to be demolished later.

He shared the video and wrote, “Today the citizens of Juhu celebrate their victory against the land mafia . We fought them for more than 10 years and converted the land into a beautiful garden. It’s an initiative by our dynamic MLA @AmeetSatam Ji and I le going to be inaugurated by filmmaker Rohit Shetty.”

At the event, Rohit praised the people who supported Ashoke in the fight and said, “It was your fight which was led by Ashoke Pandit. I just came to support you all. I am happy for what you all have achieved with your fighting spirit”.

Ashoke was also present at the event and he said it was not easy to fight with such land sharks. “We are thankful to filmmaker Rohit Shetty, who inaugurated the public garden which is situated in Juhu Scheme, where Rohit Shetty himself stays.

The garden is the outcome of the citizens fight against the land mafia. The citizens fought for 10 years to reclaim the garden. This battle has come to an end with the beautiful garden which has been funded by our dynamic MLA Ameet Satam of the BJP”.

He added, “It’s a dream come true for the local citizens who really fought day in and day out to save this huge open space, a public garden which was actually engulfed by the builders to make a tower.

I am really grateful that the media today came here to cover the event as it’s a great day for each and every common man.” The inauguration event was attended by architect PK Das, BJP Corporators Sudha Singh and Rohan Rathod.

Ashoke Pandit, along with a few others in the region, reportedly fought the state government and municipal corporation and won the land back to be used as an open area in 2017.

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