Relationship tips -Signs someone is emotionally unavailable: Expert shares insights

From being superficial to pulling out of emotional conversations, here are the signs that a person is emotionally unavailable.

Signs someone is emotionally unavailable: Expert shares insights

Emotional availability helps us connect with the other person. It also helps us to bare ourselves in the truest form and be vulnerable to the ones we trust and love. Without emotional availability and connection, it is difficult to have a relationship which has enough healthy space for growth. In her recent Instagram post, Psychotherapist Emily H Sanders addressed the issue and wrote, “Being emotionally available to others is what allows us to sustain an emotional connection and create intimacy in a relationship. Without an emotional connection it can be challenging to have a healthy relationship. Emotionally unavailable people have a difficult time staying engaged in relationships, and prefer to keep their distance, date casually, or keep their friendships at a surface level.”

Emily further noted down the signs that portray a person’s emotional unavailability over a period of time. They are, as follows:


It may get difficult to feel close to the person. He/she may behave in a way that they are hiding things from you.


People who are emotionally unavailable, always tend to keep things light and superficial and refrain from diving deep into emotions.


These people always find a good excuse to steer clear of deep conversations as they feel that they may give out too much about themselves.

Emotional expression:

in cases of conversations involving emotional expressions, they always tend to pull themselves out of it.


These people never want to take the extra effort or the work to make a relationship healthier.

“Rather than trying to determine if someone is good or bad, it’s more ideal to discern whether someone is willing or able to create the same kind of relationship you’re wanting to create. If they aren’t, you are left to decide,” Emily further added and asked the fans to decide for themselves, what is good for them.

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