Shine a Light Night – October 15, 2022, history, significance

Shine a Light Night – October 15, 2022, history, significance

Shine a Light Night on October 15 is a day in Ireland when people spend the night away from the safety and comfort of their beds. People sleep outside their homes to raise awareness and funds for the welfare of homeless people.

Focus Ireland introduced this day in 2012 and has helped raise over $7.69 million for homeless people in Ireland. According to a Department of Housing Today report published in “,” there were more than 8,200 homeless people in Ireland as of December 2020, and the figure is rising. Participate in the campaign to support this noble cause.


Housing is a basic human necessity and has been around for a long time. Over 70,000 years ago, caves were used as shelters. In every way, housing has transformed. We have advanced from caves, huts, Roman buildings with slanted roofs, timber houses, and so on, to modern living spaces.

Houses are no longer just shelters from the outdoors and animals but we have a place in the house where we belong. One’s house is also a status symbol and a personal identity. Urbanization, the evolution of the nuclear family, and cultural factors have contributed to the desire to own a house.

Around 150 million people all over the world are homeless, and this figure is rising every year. A 2015 survey states that around 1.6 billion people live in inadequate shelters. With more than 8,000 homeless people, Ireland is facing a housing crisis too. More than 5,000 adults and 2,300 children need assistance to have a roof over their heads. Focus Ireland is trying to improve the dire situation.

Focus Ireland was founded by Sr. Stanislaus Kennedy in 1980. The organization was formed to address the need to create safe dwellings for people and is supported by the business community of Ireland. It provides help and information to the homeless and also ensures that the rights of these people remain on the government agenda. ‘Shine a Light Night’ is an initiative of Focus Ireland. The campaign encourages business leaders, students, and the general public across Ireland to experience one night of sleeping outdoors.


1.8 Million Years Ago
The Initial Dwellings
The oldest evidence of house construction is found in ancient Tanzania.

7000 B.C.
Origin of Brick Buildings
The first brick buildings appear in Jericho city, in South Turkey.

1637 – 1641
The Old Fairbanks House
Jonathan Fairbanks builds one of the oldest existing wooden houses in America.

1768 – 1809
The Grandness Of Monticello
Thomas Jefferson constructs one of the largest houses in America.


Understand the cause
The first step is to understand the statistics of homeless people; then, spread the information to those who care. Finally, create a timed action plan to accomplish the task.

Fundraise for the cause
Lack of finance is the major cause for many projects to come to a halt. Try to raise money for homeless people. Also, make sure the monetary aid reaches those who deserve it.

Spend a night with homeless people
Spend a night with homeless people. Try to record their condition. Spread the visuals to let the world know about their issue.


Most number of houses
With around 660 million houses, China has the most number of houses in the world.

Largest house
Mukesh Ambani, an Indian businessman, owns the largest house in the world.

House warming gifts
People used to present firewood when they would visit a newly built or newly occupied house, which was then burnt in the fireplace before starting a new life in that house.

Floating house
There is a floating house in Dubai that costs U.S. $12 million.

Partition problems
There is a house with half a portion in the Netherlands and the other half in Belgium.


Help understand the plight of the homeless
It is hard to understand the plight of homeless people when living inside the luxury of a house. The day is a perfect opportunity to understand their problems and help find solutions for them.

An opportunity to help those in need
Is there anything more fulfilling than helping people in distress? Shine A Light Night can be used to raise awareness about the plight of homeless people and to assist help them in finding permanent housing.

Homelessness: a national disaster
A large number of homeless people is indeed a national disaster. The day can be spent creating campaigns to nudge the government to help the homeless.

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