Teen Dating in this 21st Century,this is right or wrong

Teen Dating in this 21st Century

Growing up in this 21st century, it has been made known that most teenagers date.


Yes and no. Yes, in the sense that they’re developing. They meet with different people. They begin to have crushes. They’ll try to express themselves in one way or the other. They begin to act like grown-ups! They want to mix with different people, get realistic with life on friendships and relationships.

Then, no, in the sense that, most of them don’t have self control. Many teenagers battle with self control pertaining anger issues, sexual urges, etc.


I’d like our parents to understand that in this computer generation, AT LEAST a teenager should be allowed to date at 13-14 years. But why most parents frown at this is because they feel these young adults are too young, they feel they aren’t able to differentiate right from wrong, they feel the teens may get tempted to make out with their partners. All these are absolutely true!

I mean no offense but I feel if parents train their kids in the right way, they can’t be tempted to do stuff. This is why I tell teenagers to be VERY CLOSE to their parents. When teens are very close to their parents, they won’t hide things like this from them.

Most times, teenagers may fall into depression. In this period, they need someone other than their parents to rely on, someone to trust. They need positive motivation from these people. A very reasonable teenager with developed IQ will know when to desist from their partners when they notice creepy things from the person.

In my own opinion, I’d advice parents to sit with their teenagers, one on one, try to understand their feelings. If possible, get to know their dates! Give both of them rules and regulations. Also tell them the consequences of breaking the laid down laws for them.

Thanks y’all

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