Biography of Nelson Mandela: Man Who Changed The World

The Story of Nelson Mandela: A Man Who Changed The World

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is one of the most significant figures in modern history. The South African civil rights leader spent 27 years imprisoned for his beliefs, and following his release in 1990 he continued to devote his life to improving the lives of others. His work towards equality, justice and reconciliation made him one of the most inspiring people on the planet. Maybe you know that he was a prisoner or even that he married his wife while behind bars… But do you know exactly how he helped end apartheid and institute universal voting rights? Did you know that after he left prison he also founded an organization called The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund as well as an anti-malaria charity known as The Mandela Foundation? The life of Nelson Mandela is a story of tenacity, compassion, bravery and above all else hope. Let’s take a closer look at this truly inspirational man…

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Who was Nelson Mandela?

Nelson Mandela

Mandela was born in July 1918 in a small village in South Africa. His childhood was defined by poverty and disease, as well as the discrimination he faced as a black South African. As a young man he completed a law degree and worked as a lawyer for the African National Congress (ANC), an organization that was committed to ending apartheid. Because of his activism, Mandela was arrested in the 1950s and he remained in prison until 1990 when he was released due to his failing health.

He continued to be involved in politics, and in 1994 he was elected President of South Africa, becoming the first black President in the country since the 19th century. Mandela spent his final years travelling the world and raising awareness about important issues such as AIDS, poverty and racism, as well as inspiring hope in people everywhere by his example of forgiveness and generosity. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993 and was also nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature. Mandela passed away in December 2013 and his death was mourned by millions of people around the globe.

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A brief history of Nelson Mandela

Mandela’s journey from activist to politician is one of the great triumphs in human history. He spent 27 years in prison, many of them in a cage in a small room with no plumbing. He was frequently tortured and routinely put in isolation. His wife was also put in prison and his son died at a young age. Still, he remained steadfast in his commitment to nonviolence. When he was finally released, he worked to heal the country, negotiate a peaceful transition to democracy, and set an example for future generations. He made forgiveness a central part of his political philosophy. In a world full of violence, Mandela was a reminder that words can have greater power than guns and hatred. That’s why his death was so mourned. It was a reminder that there are still people who understand that our lives are better when we recognize each other’s humanity. Mandela was one of the great optimists of the 20th century. He understood that we all have the capacity for both good and evil, and that we have the power to determine which side of ourselves dominates. We can build a more perfect world, he insisted, but only if we recognize that the only real barrier between us and our dreams is our own willingness to walk away from hate.

Why was Nelson Mandela in prison for so long?

Mandela was an activist who believed deeply in the right of black South Africans to be treated equally. He worked tirelessly to promote civil rights and even helped to organize peaceful protests against the prevailing system of racial segregation in South Africa. While he always remained committed to non-violent protest, the South African government saw his activism as a threat and decided to imprison him for his beliefs. This was the beginning of Mandela’s 27 year imprisonment, which would see him placed in a tiny cell, regularly tortured, and kept away from his friends and family. In 1991 he was finally released from prison due to his failing health, but the end of apartheid was still some way off.

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The end of apartheid and the road to democracy

Despite the intense suffering he had endured during his long years behind bars, Mandela emerged from prison committed to reconciliation and a democratic society. He spoke of the need for all South Africans to forgive each other and move forward from the past in a spirit of co-operation. This desire for unity in the face of intense hatred marked Mandela as a truly remarkable individual. Mandela also helped to facilitate negotiations between the South African government and organisations like the ANC. This helped to facilitate the transition to democracy in the country and in 1994 Mandela was elected President of South Africa. This was an important moment in the history of the country, but Mandela was far from finished with his work.

After his release from prison: The Nelson Mandela Foundation and the ANC

Nelson Mandela

When Mandela was released from prison in the early 90s, he didn’t just fade away into obscurity. Instead, he helped to found an organization called The Nelson Mandela Foundation that focused on bringing people together to address important issues like AIDS, poverty and racism. He also continued to support the ANC, which still hoped to create a truly democratic and inclusive South Africa. The party was committed to working for the betterment of all South Africans, not just those who were white or African. Mandela saw his work with the ANC as a continuation of the ideals of his youth and he was involved in a number of initiatives, including supporting the Youth for Democracy initiative and bringing together a group of African leaders to discuss common problems.


Although Mandela was an immensely powerful and influential figure, his political philosophy focused on the individual and the need to find goodness in everyone. He was committed to non-violence, but he was also pragmatic and flexible in his approach to problems. Despite enduring great suffering and treating his oppressors with forgiveness and compassion, he never lost sight of his ultimate goal of creating a better society. He understood that people are often shaped by their surroundings and that they are not inherently good or bad. Anyone can be pushed to extremes; it’s up to each of us to choose our path in life and the values we want to stand for. Mandela was one of the great optimists of the 20th century. He understood that we all have the capacity for both good and evil and that we have the power to determine which side of ourselves dominates. We can build a more perfect world, he insisted, but only if we recognize that the only real barrier between us and our dreams is our own

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