When Jungkook’s busking in Malta left crowd hooting, cheering for him. Watch

When Jungkook’s busking in Malta left crowd hooting, cheering for him. Watch

Jungkook, in 2018, tried busking in Malta as fellow BTS members Jin and J-Hope turned his fans. After his song, the crowd hooted and cheered for him. Watch video here.

BTS member Jungkook, who is celebrating his 25th birthday (international age, he’s 26 according to Korean culture) on Thursday, is known for perfecting every task that he takes upon himself. Jungkook is also curious by nature and always tries new things. Jungkook is the youngest member of BTS comprising RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, and V.

During season three of BTS’ reality show Bon Voyage in 2018, group members travelled to Malta where they engaged in several activities. While walking around one evening, Jungkook came near a place where people were busking. As he looked around, a member of his crew asked if he wanted to sing too and he smiled expressing his wish.

When Jin and J-Hope came to know about Jungkook, they ran to the area. As they rushed, Jin said, “He’s different. The main vocalist of BTS is different.” When they met Jungkook, J-Hope said, “We came here because we heard you’re going to sing.” As Jungkook sought suggestions, Jin and J-Hope bombarded him with songs such as Torri Kelly, Love You Hate You, Paper Heart, and La La Land. After much discussion, Jungkook said he would sing Adam Levine’s Lost Stars.

Walking up to the mic, Jungkook bowed and greeted the people, “Nice to meet you.” He then spoke in Korean to Jin and J-Hope sitting nearby, “I drank a little.” As J-Hope said, “You can do it. You will be fine. It’s okay”, he replied, “I don’t care if I ruin it.” Before starting the song he said his iconic line, “Let’s get it” leaving Jin and J-Hope in splits.

while the crowd listened to him. As he concluded the song and said, “Sorry, thank you”, the crowd was heard hooting, screaming and clapping. When they made their way to the hotel, J-Hope told Jungkook, “All the people were singing along. Right, everyone next to us was singing along.”

Jungkook who was watching the recording on J-Hope’s phone, returned it to him saying, “I’m too embarrassed to watch it. I was off-tune. I messed the song up. I was all over the place tune-wise. Next time I’ll be fully prepared.” Jin and J-Hope cheered him up saying, “It was very beautiful. I feel like I’m in love. No, you did well. You were in tune.”

In June, Jungkook collaborated with singer Charlie Puth on a new single Left and Right. BTS is currently on a break as a unit with the members pursuing solo projects. The group is awaiting their show titled Yet to Come in October where they will perform to support South Korea’s bid to host the 2030 World Expo in Busan.

As per their management agency BigHit Music, the show will be held at Busan Ilgwang special stage at 6 pm KST (9.30 pm IST) on October 15. The group will perform at the global concert as part of their duties as ambassadors of the Busan World Expo 2030.

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