World Maths Day – October 15, 2022 , history, significance

World Maths Day – October 15, 2022 , history, significance

World Maths Day is an annual celebration observed on October 15th of every year. Have you ever heard these lines, the problem in the problem is the problematic problem? You can love or hate Math as it is a day for Maths. Some feel that the problem in learning or understanding math is a problem needed to be solved.

Even if you don’t like this subject, you can celebrate the day. Take a break from the math chapters and play math games and quiz online. Maths is a real fun. World Maths Day aims in raising the standards of numeracy and encourages the students to love the subject with fun games.

History of World Maths Day

World Maths Day was founded and celebrated for the first time in the year 2007. It is an online-based international mathematics competition established by the educational resource provider 3P Learning. It is an annual fun celebration that encourages students from all over the world to break the monotony from the standard math lessons.

The celebration of the day lets them participate in competitive maths-themed games. The organizer is providing the winners with certificates and prizes. The competition involves 60-second games and the participants will be playing with the platform heavily based on “Live Mathletics” found in Mathletics.

For each age group, the game involves mental math problems that will test the accuracy and speed of the students. Thus they are given an opportunity to compete against the students globally. There are more than 100 different countries from all over the world participates in this fun game even.

The popularity of this online game has reached a higher level with its simple innovative idea of making the students play online with math problems. The organization has built 10 level games with lower to higher math problems at each level. It will start with a simple addition to converting area and volume to algebraic expressions.

Students from the age of five and above are allowed to take part in this event. All the students who participated and reached higher positions are offered a number of awards. Gold medals will be awarded to the Champions and the Top Ten students.

The winners might become the Ambassadors of their country for the World Education Games in the following year thus helps to promote the event.

How to Celebrate World Maths Day

Participate in the online math game conducted by the 3P Learning on this day. Compete with players from all over the world to show your talent. It is a perfect day to start loving your Math subject if you are a real hater. You can even conduct events and games in your school to mark this celebration. Post and share using the hashtag #WorldMathsDay on social media.

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