Yung Gravy took Addison Rae’s mom to the MTV VMAs and kissed her on the red carpet

Yung Gravy took Addison Rae’s mom to the MTV VMAs and kissed her on the red carpet

26-year-old rapper Yung Gravy raised eyebrows at the MTV Music Video Awards on Sunday when he took 42-year-old Sheri Nicole Easterling, the mother of social media influencer Addison Rae, out as his date and even kissed her on the red carpet.

Easterling recently split from Rae’s father Monty Lopez, amid allegations that he had been involved in an affair. Yung Gravy wasted no time in shooting his shot and had declared on a podcast that he wanted to take Easterling out on a date and apparently ‘slid into her DMs.’

Speaking to Page Six, Gravy, real name Matthew Raymond Hauri, said that the pair had ‘Facetimed’ before they met in person. He went on to say to Cosmopolitan: “We met online and we connected right away,” began Gravy. “You know, I’m from the farthest north it gets and she’s from the farthest south it gets. I’m into MILFs and she’s kind of the queen of MILFs, so I figured it was just the perfect match.”

Just to show that he was fully committed to the date, Gravy kissed Easterling numerous times while they were on the red carpet.

When asked what her reaction to being at the Video Music Awards was Easterling just said “super excited” and “just happy.”

Regardless her outing with the much younger man has sent the internet into delirium.

Earlier this month, Monty Lopez said that he wanted to fight Yung Gravy in a boxing match and had even expressed interest in releasing a diss track about the rapper and we can only imagine that interest has been ramped up after he saw Gravy kissing his ex.

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