AAP-53 MLAs at Kejriwal’s meeting amid poaching charge; ‘Goebbels’ descendant’: BJP

In a video, Manoj Tiwari said Kejriwal has become the ‘descendant of Goebbels’ who used to think that repeating a lie will make it a truth.

53 MLAs at Kejriwal’s meeting amid poaching charge; ‘Goebbels’ descendant’: BJP

The BJP-AAP clash over the liquor probe in Delhi intensified on Thursday with the BJP comparing Kejriwal with Goebbels. Ahead of Kejriwal’s crucial meeting, many AAP leaders were reportedly incommunicado. While this comes amid AAP’s allegation that its MLAs received threats from the BJP to quit the AAP, the BJP stepped up its attack as Manoj Tiwari said Kejriwal has come up with his same, worn-out script.

“Arvind Kejriwal should talk about the liquor policy. But he is not saying anything about this. Instead, he has come up with his worn-out script. People now understand how much taxpayers’ money you have amassed. You have ‘become’ the descendant of Goebbels who used to think that if you repeat your lies, it will come true. But now people have become conscious and taken to the street in protest,” Manoj Tiwari said in a video.

Delhi BJP leader Parvesh Singh, meanwhile, dragged Congress leader Rahul Gandhi into the controversy and said for Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi is like ‘Monney Shh

Here are the top updates of the BJP vs AAP in Delhi

1. Ahead of today’s meeting, some MLAs reportedly became unreachable.

2. After the meeting, AAP MLA Saurabh Bharadwaj posted a photo of the MLAs attending the meeting and wrote, “This meeting of all MLAs proves that Kejriwal government is stable. Operation Lotus failed!”

3. A total of 53 MLAs out of 62 were present in the meeting, Bharadwaj confirmed. “Speaker is outside the country and Manish Sisodia is in Himachal. CM spoke to other MLAs over phone and everyone said that they are with CM Kejriwal till their last breath,” Bharadwaj said.

4. BJP is trying to buy MLAs using ‘black money’, AAP MP Sanjay Singh alleged. On Thursday, he tweeted, “Operation Lotus in Delhi became operation bogus. BJP should get probed by ED and CBI as they are trying to buy the MLAs with thousand crores of black money,” the Rajya Sabha MP tweeted.

5. Saurabh Bharadwaj said the news that AAP MLAs were out of reach was planted by the BJP. “I announce the failure of the Operation Lotus in Delhi now,” the AAP MLA said.

6. The BJP planned to poach 40 MLAs of AAP, the MLA said. “If you offer ₹20 crore to each, the total amount becomes ₹800 crore. I want to ask where is this money coming from,” Bharadwaj said.

7. The AAP MLA said it is a general modus operandi of ‘poaching’ that an MLA is said that many other MLAs are already in touch with the rival party. “This is what the BJP did. But they failed,” he added.

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