Anupamaa recap: Vanraj visits Anuj at Kapadia’s house as celebrations start

Anupamaa written update August 23: As Janmashtami celebrations start at Kapadia’s house, Vanraj visits Anuj. Barkha gets angry at Anupamaa and humiliates Vanraj.

Anupamaa recap: Vanraj visits Anuj at Kapadia’s house as celebrations start

In this episode of Anupamaa, the Janmashtami celebrations are underway in the Kapadia household. Vanraj visits Anuj and the family and apologises for the trouble and trauma he has caused them. Barkha gets angry at Anupamaa and Vanraj as she feels that they both have failed Anuj with their actions. Anupamaa receives the legal documents that Barkha and Ankush along with their lawyer drafted and she is shocked. Keep reading this article to know more.

Janmashtami celebrations are underway in the Kapadia household

Anupamaa dresses Anuj as Krishna and she herself dresses up as Radha. Barkha and Ankush fume seeing that Anupamaa invited the office employees of the Kapadia empire to the party. At the Shah’s house, Leela calls everyone for veneration and is anxious to notice that Vanraj is missing. Legal documents fall from Anuj’s pocket, Anupamaa notices that and just as she reaches for it, the documents are snatched up by Barkha. This makes Anupamaa suspicious that Barkha and Ankush are planning something.

Vanraj visits the Kapadia family, particularly to see how Anuj is recovering

Vanraj, troubled by his flashbacks of both Anuj and Anupamaa, visits the Kapadia household for the celebrations and catches them just when the celebration is initiated. Vanraj plans to leave silently while the family is still conducting the pooja but decides to go ahead and make an apology to Anuj. Everyone is shocked to see him. Vanraj promises that he never wanted to harm Anuj purposefully. He adds that he made a horrible mistake and as a result, he has to live with the fact that Anuj is hurt because of him. Vanraj hopes for Anuj’s health and wellbeing.

Barkha gets angry with Anupamaa and Vanraj

Ankush asked Barkha if Vanraj was mad for coming to the house. Barkha replies that it’s good that Vanraj came as his presence could disrupt the party. Barka yells at Vanraj to stop the drama, that his actions after the accident are all for show. Anupamaa warns Barkha that if she continues her behaviour, Janmashtami will turn into Durgastami for her. Barkha nevertheless continues on humiliating Vanraj. Barkha then drew her attention to Leela and Hasmukh and mentions that the Shah family came here just to initiate drama.

Barkha accuses Anupamaa and questions her love for Anuj, and his decision of marrying a woman with three children. She blames her for still supporting Vanraj in spite of being aware that he pushed Anuj off the cliff. Barkha then hands the legal documents to Anupamaa, and she stands shocked. In the next episode, Ankush states that he will handle the Kapadia empire. Anuj’s condition improves. Keep reading written updates on HT highlights to find all answers.

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