Does pressing or sucking increase the size of the breasts?

Many women do not allow their breasts to be touched while having sex. They think that if you press their breasts, their breasts will become bigger than this. Let us know what is the truth?

Sex is not discussed openly in our society. The reason is that many rumors about sex spread rapidly. What is truth and what is lie? No one is able to know this. There is also one such myth df women’s breasts become bigger by pressing. If you also think so, then today we will tell you the truth about it.

Do women’s breasts get bigger by pressing?

If you believe that women’s breasts get bigger by pressing or sucking, then let us tell you that according to a research, nothing has come out so far to say that women’s breasts get bigger by pressing. . However, it is also true that when a woman is aroused, the blood circulation in her breast increases. Due to which their breasts get bigger. Along with this, if a woman breastfeeds, her breasts enlarge.

If a woman thinks that if her husband sucks or presses on her breast, her breast will get bigger; So let me tell you that this is just a myth. Breasts of any woman grow only when their hormones develop. Scientifically speaking, it has been seen that there is swelling in the breast of women, due to which their breasts appear bigger. However, this swelling is temporary. For this reason, women’s breasts may appear larger during menstruation.

Deadly way to enlarge breast

As we mentioned that there are many women who want their breasts to be bigger. For which she also does a lot. There are also some such methods which women should not do. These methods can be quite lethal.

Many women use various creams or medicines to increase their breast size. But according to a study, it is found that these medicines do not make much difference to the body. Along with this, many women also do breast implants.

Breast implants can increase the size of your breasts, but there is a high risk of doing so. If there is a slight mistake in breast implantation, then the risk of breast cancer increases significantly. This can even kill your life.

However, in a country like India, the trend of breast implants has not gone much yet. In other countries, many women get breast implants done. There are many women who have had breast implants and their results have also been very dangerous.


Women’s breasts do not enlarge by pressing or sucking. Hormones can be the reason for breast enlargement. It’s just a myth that pressing women’s breasts makes them bigger. Therefore, if your partner wants to press your breasts, then you should feel free to let them do so, because by doing so your breast size does not increase.

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