Breasts are dangling? So know the 7 reasons why breasts become loose

Breasts are dangling? So know the 7 reasons why breasts become loose

Ladies, drooping breasts can be a matter of concern for you. We tell you how you can get curvy breasts back.

Every woman is beautiful, whether breasts are curvy or not. Yet a healthy and shapely chest is the wish of every woman. If your beautiful breasts have started dangling for some time, then you are justified to be concerned and it is necessary to talk about this topic. In fact, there can be many reasons for the breasts to become loose and droopy.

Let us know what could be those possible reasons-

In scientific language, sagging breast is called breast ptosis. Our breasts are made up of fat and tissue. There is a ligament to keep the breast firm, which is called the Cooper Ligament. When this Cooper ligament begins to loosen, the breasts hang.

The size and shape of the breast depends on many factors-

1 wrong posture

If you used to think that dangling breasts from posture was a myth, let us tell you that it is possible. If you squat down, your breasts hang from the gravity of the earth. You won’t feel it, but it continues to affect your Cooper ligament. Although it doesn’t happen instantly, it happens over time, but if you don’t wear the right bra, your breasts can sag quickly.

Dr Surabhi Siddhartha, Consultant Obstetrics and Gyno, Motherhood Hospital, Mumbai says, “Muscles and ligaments tend to loose due to poor posture. Due to this the breasts hang. Especially while sitting, correct posture is very important.

2. smoking

Collagen is one of the most important proteins in the body. Collagen is what makes the skin elastic. With age, collagen decreases. Due to which there are problems like wrinkles, hanging breasts on many parts of our body. But smoking reduces collagen and makes the breasts droop.

3. lack of exercise

Most women do not do upper body exercises. Whatever be the reason for this, the result is not good. Breasts hang due to lack of exercise. Dr Surabhi says, “Breast muscles need tightening and for that do exercises like push ups, plank, chest press at least twice a week.”

4. sudden weight loss

If you lose weight without planning, it affects your breasts. Dr. Surbhi says, “Breast tissue contains a lot of fat and when the fat is reduced immediately, the breasts hang.”

5. Genetic reason

You will be surprised to know that the strength of the Cooper ligament is based on your genetics. If your mother and grandmother’s breasts started hanging at an early age, then it is likely that your breasts will also start hanging at a young age.

6. Breast feeding

Dr Surabhi says, “After breast feeding, the fat cells present in the breast shrink and the breasts start drooping. This is the reason why mothers are advised to exercise after breast feeding.”

Not only this, some women stop wearing bra during breast feeding, because bra is uncomfortable. But it is harmful for your breast. Dr. Sudeshna Rai, Consultant Gynecologist, Jaslok Hospital and Research Center suggests, “When you wear a bra, there is a support for your breast. Don’t wear a tight bra, wear a comfortable bra.”

7. growing old

Collagen in the body decreases with age, especially after menopause. It’s all about your hormones and it’s perfectly normal. Breast sagging after menopause is nothing to worry about. Dr Surbhi explains that after 30, breasts start hanging in women. This is common.

If you fall in the last three categories, you can’t do much for your breasts, but the rest still have a chance. With the help of exercise, you can make your breast shape again.

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