Israel claims to have made world’s first artificial embryo

Israel claims to have made world’s first artificial embryo

British scientists stunned the world by cloning a test tube baby in 1978 and a sheep named Dolly in 1996. Now the scientists of Israel are moving in the direction of making organisms in the factory. He claims to have created the world’s first artificial embryo. In this the heart of the creature beat and the mind took full shape. Scientists did not need a fertilized egg and sperm for this.

According to the Journal of Medical Science, scientists at the Weizmann Institute developed embryos from rat stem cells. Stem cells were kept in a special vessel in the lab for many years. The parent cells were placed in the nutrient solution inside the beaker and rotated continuously, so that the blood flow was maintained to supply the nutrients to the placenta. Professor Jacob Hannah, who was involved in the research, said that this could prove to be revolutionary for medical science.

95% natural embryo-like, all organs formed
Developed with the help of stem cells in a special laboratory vessel

During the research, the artificial embryo continued to develop for eight days. After this all the initial parts became. These include a beating heart, blood stem cell circulation, a well-shaped brain, neural tubes, and intestinal tract. The synthetic model showed up to 95 per cent similarity in the shape of internal structures and gene patterns of different cell types.

What is organ transplant

This is a major discovery in the direction of developing a whole organism from a single cell. This could prove to be a milestone in the development of cells and organs for organ transplantation. Scientists in Israel have also created a drug to deal with Klebsiella pneumoniae, a bacterium that spreads diseases in the human intestine.

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