ISRO said- satellite is no longer of any use,ISRO’s SSLV-D1 launch failed,

ISRO’s SSLV-D1 launch failed,

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) successfully launched SSLV rocket today. An ‘Earth Observation Satellite’ and a ‘Student Satellite’ flew in this launch which was being described as historic. Now ISRO has informed that the launch of the satellite launched under the new rocket mission has failed. These are no longer of any use. Both the satellites took off today at 9:18 am but lost contact in the fourth stage. Any kind of data coming from both the satellites has now stopped.

ISRO has given this information by tweeting.

ISRO has given this information by tweeting. ISRO wrote, “SSLV-D1 has placed both the satellites in an elliptical orbit of 356×76 km instead of a circular orbit of 356 km. Due to this, they are no longer of any use. The reasons behind this have been identified.” “

ISRO tweet

ISRO further wrote, “Reason for displaced: A committee will analyze and recommend it. With the implementation of the recommendations, ISRO will soon return with SSLV-D2. ISRO Chairman will give full details soon.”

Soon ISRO has also said to return via SSLV-D2.

Usually ISRO launches satellites through Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV), Geostationary Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV). This time it did the first launch with a small satellite launch vehicle. Through this the satellites were to be placed in the lower orbit of Pritvi. Today, from the Space Launch Center located at Sriharikota, 135 km away, ISRO did the Small Satellite Launch Vehicle mission (SSLV) in which two satellites took off but this mission failed. However, soon ISRO has also said to return via SSLV-D2.

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