Pakistan Navy’s warship entered Indian territory, then Indian aircraft taught a lesson

A warship of the Pakistan’s Navy entered Indian territory. This warship was not only detected by India’s Maritime Surveillance Aircraft Dornier, but it was driven back. According to government sources, this action was taken during the first week of July when the monsoon was at its peak.

In fact, in the first half of July this year, when the monsoon was at its peak, the Pakistan Navy ship Alamgir crossed the sea line off the coast of Gujarat and entered Indian territory. India’s Dornier Maritime Surveillance Aircraft quickly detected its location and forced it to return.

Government sources informed that soon after entering Indian waters, it was first detected by a Dornier aircraft of the Indian Coast Guard. This aircraft had left for maritime surveillance from a nearby airport.

After locating the Pakistani warship, Dornier informed its command center of its presence in Indian waters and continued to monitor it. After this, Dornier of the Indian Coast Guard issued a warning to the Pakistani warship asking them to return, but it did not get any response.

He further said that Dornier kept an eye on PNS Alamgir and even called him through his radio communicator set to know his intentions but the Pakistani pilot again did not respond. After this Dornier hovered around the Pakistani warship and flew in front of it three times. After this the Pakistani warship itself withdrew.

according to government sources

The Pakistani warship feared that on the way forward, more aircraft of India would be in front which it would have to deal with. Perhaps Pakistan must have come to find out how far it can go into Indian waters.

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