The bright market of IVF is selling young egg-sperm again and again

Global IVF Services Market

After Corona, the in-vitro fertilization (IVF) market has grown rapidly around the world, but India seems to be becoming the global capital of IVF. Corona infection, declining fertility rate, unemployment, late marriage, poor diet, irregular routine and intoxication are the major reasons. Due to cheap treatment, more than 25 thousand foreigners do IVF in India every year.

Already 30 million couples in the country are suffering from infertility. According to a recent study by AIIMS Delhi, the private life of 10-15% of married people has been affected after Corona. Women and men who are unable to produce children are ready to do anything to get children. IVF centers are also taking illegitimate advantage of this. In Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, there have been many cases where the eggs of women were taken out and sold to other couples on the pretext of treatment.

Selling sperm eggs to fulfill a hobby

In order to earn money in this business of IVF center and sperm-egg bank, unmarried young men and women are selling their sperm or eggs many times. They are giving samples to different centers or sperm-egg banks by changing their names to avoid legal troubles. A Pune-based gynecologist said on the condition of anonymity that he had come across many girls who wanted to earn money by selling eggs for nose or lip surgery or to go on tour with friends. Students of many medical and engineering colleges, even modeling students and sportspersons are fulfilling their hobbies by selling their sperm.

Out of 6 lakhs, only 2.5 lakhs are treated.

Around 9 million babies have been born through IVF in the world. Every year around 2.5 lakh women are treated in 1800 IVF clinics in the country, 6 lakh are needed.

Price determines quality of sperm-egg

According to the guidelines of the Indian Medical Research Center, male sperm in the age group of 21-55, a mother of a child aged 23-35 can donate eggs. The price is determined by the quality of the sperm-egg.

The declining fertility rate is the reason for the growth of the IVF market. The decision to become a parent according to convenience and need is also a reason to avoid the process of child adoption. – Dr. Aruna Kalra, Sr. Obstetrics, C.K. Birla Hospital, Gurugram

IVF center do anything for credibility

IVF success rate is still less than 35%. On the pretext of genetic defect, IVF centers charge 3 times Rs. It’s illegal. Centers for credibility also do not miss the use of other men’s sperm.

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