Kanwar Yatra 2022 came out in the wake of Bol Bam

Kanwar Yatra came out in the wake of Bol Bam

On the last Monday of Sawan, the Kanwar Yatra was organized by Mother Sharda Mitra Mandal for Jalabhishek on Shivling. A large number of kanwariyas left the Amli Gayatri temple together to collect water from Sakartod at Bindrabin Rameshwar temple at 4 pm on Sunday evening.

Dressed and colorful kanwars, saffron costumes, wearing Kesari dupatta on their heads, Kavadia started gathering in Gayatri temple from 3 pm onwards. By performing collective Shiva worship in the temple, shouts of Bol Bam, Shiva Hare Hare were chanted. A large number of women, men, youth, elders attended the temple to take Kanwar.

Municipal chief Rakesh Singh Chauhan, deputy chief Ajay Desai, social workers and other public representatives also reached Gayatri temple to bless the Kanwariyas. Before the water journey from Bindrabin, the Kanwariyas worshiped in the Shiva temple. After worship and aarti, the group of Kanwariyas started towards Bindrabin singing Shiva hymns.

Devotees of Shiva while dancing, carrying a cloak on their shoulders reached Tokarkhara Junction via Aamli Chowk, Jhanda Chowk, Kilavani Naka, Shaheed Chowk. The whole city was immersed in the color of Shivamay and Bhole Baba.

Here is the special arrangement for Kanwar Yatra

Taking a comma at Tokarkhara, Kavadia reached Rameshwar temple via Masat, Rakholi, Dapara. On the way, social organizations also arranged for refreshments and snacks. On Monday morning, by taking holy water from the Bindrabin reservoir, in Lavacha, worship and Jalabhishek will be done with bilva leaves, cannabis, datura etc. Special arrangements have been made for the Kanwariyas for worship and Jalabhishek at Trineteshwar, Bavisa Falia Daneshwar and Gayatri Temple in Naroli.

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