National Kiss and Make Up Day – August 25, 2022, history, quotes

Kiss and Make Up Day – August 25, 2022, history, quotes

Kiss and Make Up Day on August 25 celebrates the end of a grudge. After an argument, it’s easy not to forgive. It’s easy to stay angry but, remember, it was Gandhi who said that only the strong can forgive, and the weak can never. Exercise your strength by forgiving — just kiss and make up! The holiday was created by a woman named Jacqueline Milton to re-examine old relationships and find ways to repair them. All this is to say that today is the best day to bury the hatchet!

There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love.” – Bryant H. McGill


Kissing and making up — the two essential steps in a relationship after any disagreement or feud with any friend, family member, or your partner! The history of kissing and the history of making up are two separate and interesting tales.

Never stop dreaming,

never stop believing,

never give up,

never stop trying, and

never stop learning.

Roy T. Bennett,

The first texts (and we mean ancient scriptures, not on your iPhone!) that mention kissing date back to 1500 B.C. The people who wrote them lived in what we today call India. At the time, they would frequently rub noses to express romance — at some point, someone’s face slipped, and the joys of kissing were discovered! In 300 B.C., kissing spread out of India, carried by Alexander the Great’s conquering soldiers. Soon, it was a worldwide phenomenon!

Roman missionaries were sent out across Europe to spread the word on kissing — with their own lips. They even differentiated the types of kisses back then, from the ‘osculum’ (friendship kiss) and the ‘basium’ (romantic lip-to-lip kiss) to what would later be known as the French kiss! Kisses became an extremely important part of cultures, so much so that laws were passed around proper kissing, and kisses were sometimes used to validate contracts in the absence of writing and reading abilities.

The popularity of kissing died out in England around the 1660s, either due to restrictive church laws or the Great Plague of London. Of course, it would become popular as a gesture of friendship again, along with the handshake. Throughout the next few centuries, kissing became the act we know it to be today. However, kissing was very restricted in Hollywood for much of the 20th century, though some films, like “The Kiss”, got away with it.

There have also been many famous broken feuds and grudges throughout the ages — whether or not they end in a kiss! One well-known example is the Yorks v.s. the Lancastrians when they feuded for the English crown in the 15th century. Eventually, the war this feud gave way to (the War of Roses) was ended when Henry IV married Elizabeth of York, thus uniting the two families — with a kiss!

Strong people have a strong sense of self-worth and self-awareness; they don’t need the approval of others.

Roy T. Bennett,

Other Celebrations on August 25

August 25 is also celebrated as

National Whiskey Sour Day
National Banana Split Day


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When the going gets tough, put one foot in front of the other and just keep going. Don’t give up.

Roy T. Bennett


1500 B.C.
Early Kissing
Texts describe kissing among early people who lived in what is today India.

326 B.C.
Kissing Spreads
Due to the conquering armies of Alexander the Great, the practice of kissing begins spreading out of India and to other parts of the world.

The Plague of Kissing
Though kissing was popular and acceptable in 16th-century Europe, many believe that it was due to the Great Plague of 1665 in London that kissing largely stopped.

Kissing on the Big Screen
The first kiss appears on screen in the silent movie “The Kiss.”

The Golden Age of Kissing
During the Golden Age of Hollywood, the number of on-screen kisses proliferated!


Kiss and make up
It’s obvious, but bears repeating — bury that hatchet today! No matter what grudge you’re holding, a relationship needs an element of forgiveness to stay strong. Arguments happen, but your love for the other person has to be bigger than your differences. Seal that forgiveness with a peck today.

Think back on old relationships
This is what the holiday was initially designed to do! Ruminate on differences you’ve had with those you love in the past (because everyone fights). If there’s a way to fix it, make the effort. A friendship that can stand back up after a fight is one you want to keep around.

Share a kiss
Whether it was because your partner left the dishes in the sink too long, or your kid realized he forgot his shoes once you’d already arrived at school, there are many reasons to get annoyed throughout the day. Kissing releases happy chemicals like dopamine and serotonin, so share a kiss and let those petty things go!


Forgiveness keeps you healthy
Not only does forgiveness lower the stress hormone cortisol, but it can also lower your blood pressure and reduce strain on your heart (once that stressful situation is forgiven and behind you).

Kissing helps you be more loving
Kissing releases oxytocin, the love hormone, and endorphins, which make you happy.

Forgiveness is empowering
Though emotions can often get in the way, choosing forgiveness means releasing anger and bitterness, and working to be a more loving person — remember, hating someone is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies.

Kissing is a workout
Kissing enhances your metabolic rate and causes you to burn calories — it also uses as many as 134 muscles!

Forgiveness is an essential part of a relationship
It is said that a great relationship is composed of two great forgivers — arguments are a natural part of relationships and can be healthy in strict moderation, however, any good friend or partner knows that, at the end of the day, it’s essential to forgive and find common ground if you want the relationship to last.


It reminds us what is important
At the end of the day, a petty argument shouldn’t be the reason a great relationship ends. Your relationship, friendship, or professional ties shouldn’t be severed because someone was too prideful to say they were sorry — it’s the relationships that really count.

It saves relationships
Since the purpose of the holiday has historically been to salvage damaged relationships, it’s clear that Kiss and Make Up Day could save valuable connections! No matter whose fault it was, you can brainstorm your way to a better relationship today.

It fosters humility and patience
Many of us do not have these virtues! Humility and the ability to take the blame, apologize, and move on do not come easily to all. Neither does the patience to wait for forgiveness. With your apologies today — either offered or accepted — try to exercise these wonderful traits.


Are there other holidays on August 25?

Yes! August 25 is also National Banana Split Day and National Secondhand Wardrobe Day.

Are there other national holidays about kissing?

Yes! National Kissing Day falls on June 22, and International Kissing Day is on July 6.

Where is Kiss and Make Up Day celebrated?

The United States.

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