National Banana Split Day – August 25, 2022, history, quotes

National Banana Split Day – August 25, 2022, history, quotes

Go bananas, because on August 25, it’s National Banana Split Day! Give your taste buds the thrill of delicious ice cream and luscious chocolate covering a fresh banana topped off with nuts, a cherry and whipped cream.

Surprisingly, the original banana split wasn’t created in an ice cream parlor but in a pharmacy in 1904. Banana splits were the brainchild of David Evans Strickler, a pharmacist’s apprentice who enjoyed experimenting with new soda fountain sundaes in his free time. They were so popular with the college crowd that students willingly paid 10 cents, double the price of a normal sundae. Try a banana split today and you’ll understand why this amazing dessert is a classic!

I believe in holistic medicine, yoga, Pilates and so on. But I also believe in banana split sundaes once in a while.” – Gwyneth Paltrow


The history and origin of the National Banana Split Day date back centuries ago. David Evans Stickler prepared the first Banana Split in 1904. A 23-year-old David Evans Stickle was working as an apprentice pharmacist at Pennsylvania’s Tassel Pharmacy in Latrobe. Most pharmacies of that day David’s drug store had a soda fountain attached.

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He enjoyed experimenting with the new soda fountain sundaes during his free time. It was the same pharmacy where he invented the banana split. The banana split dessert combo has attracted the students of Saint Vincent College nearby the pharmacy. The acceptance of the dessert had soon become a hit among the people of America. His first banana-based triple ice cream sundae was sold for 10 cents, which was double the cost of all the other sundaes.

Traditionally Banana Split will be served in a long dish, called a boat. The boat has a banana cut in half lengthwise and the scoops of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate ice cream placed in between the two slices. Hence the name Banana Split. The strawberry ice cream has a pineapple topping.

The chocolate syrup will be poured on the vanilla ice cream, and chocolate ice cream has a strawberry topping. Now swirl the whipped cream over each ice cream scoop. The entire boat will be garnished with crushed nuts and maraschino cherries. Lately, in 2004, Latrobe had hosted the 100th anniversary of the Banana Split. NICRA (National Ice Cream Retailers Association) on the same year certified it as the birthplace of the banana split.

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Other Celebrations on August 25

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Dig in!
The best thing you can do to celebrate a banana split is to enjoy it with some friends. Grab some spoons and battle your way to the last fudgy, banana-filled bite!

Get creative with your bananas
Use this day to up your banana split game with creative ways to cook the bananas. Fry them up and dust them with cinnamon and sugar, caramelize them like Bananas Foster, freeze them and dip them in chocolate — you’ll go bananas for these new flavor combinations!

Transform your banana split
Gather all the tasty ingredients you want in your banana split and throw them in a blender. In seconds, you’ll blend your way to a frosty treat that’s good until the very last drop!


It’s the perfect shareable dessert
Usually served with 3 scoops of ice cream, fudge, whipped cream, a banana split in half, and a cherry, this dessert is the perfect family-style dessert.

You have so many choices
Choose your ice cream flavors and toppings. Drizzle different chocolates on top and slice your bananas in different ways. This dessert offers endless flavor combos so you can adapt banana splits to your own, unique (and finicky) tastes.

It’s an old-school dessert
For decades, banana splits have been a family favorite in ice cream parlors and soda fountains across America. Maybe it’s because banana splits rekindle that childhood nostalgia, helping us find the joy in simple, old-fashioned things like ice cream, fudge, and bananas.

How to Celebrate National Banana Split Day

Celebrating the National Banana Split Day needs no more explanation. All you need to do to buy bananas and cut them into two slices. Place the scoops of ice creams in between the two banana slices and add some toppings. Now serve it for your friends and family with an invitation to celebrate this century-old dessert. You can even go to the ice cream parlor to taste the new varieties. Post your celebrations on social media by using the hashtag #NationalBananaSplitDay.

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