Mughals named Hindustan…I’m proud of them’, says Assam Congress MP| Video

Mughals named Hindustan…I’m proud of them’, says Assam Congress MP| Video

Assam Congress MP Abdul Khaleque referred to the Battle of Saraighat in which the Ahoms delivered a crushing defeat on Mughals. The MP said it was a battle between India ruled by Mughals and Assam, which was a separate nation at that time.

Congress MP Abdul Khaleque on Tuesday said the Mughal rulers gave the shape to India and named it Hindustan.

In an interview to news agency ANI, the Lok Sabha MP from Assam’s Barpeta said, “India was divided into small princely states, and was given the shape of Hindustan. So I’m proud of the Mughals, but I’m not a Mughal,not their descendant. They gave a shape, the name Hindustan so I’m proud of them”.

When asked about the 1671 Battle of Saraighat in which the Ahoms defeated the Mughals, Khaleque said, “Assam was not attacked by Mughals in an individual capacity. Then, the Mughals were ruling India and had attacked Assam. Our Ahom Army repeatedly defeated them.”

Remember, Assam was a separate state at that time and India was a different nation. The conflict was between India and Assam. Now, Assam is an integral part of India and the situation is different. There are ten Assembly segments under my Lok Sabha constituency. Seven of them were in Ahom kingdom and the remaining were in a different kingdom,” the Congress leader said.

According to Assam government website, the Battle of Saraighat was a naval battle between the Mughals and the Ahom army. The Mughals had large boats as compared to the small ones used by the Ahoms.

“ The Ahoms spanned the river Brahmaputra over an improvised bridge of boats and restored to a combined front and rear attack. The entry of Lachit Borphukan transformed the Ahom soldiers and led to a decisive victory,” the website stated.

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