National Grouch Day – October 15, 2022, history, significance

National Grouch Day – October 15, 2022, history, significance

To honor the world’s favorite grouch, Oscar, from “Sesame Street,” National Grouch Day was created on October 15. This is a day to celebrate all the grouches we know — or to embrace the grouch that lives inside all of us.

On this day no one can stop us from complaining, being irritable, or wallowing in misery. Because that is what grouches do! Also, this day teaches us that it’s good to spend time processing our negative emotions. On social media this a fun day with people posting jokes, memes, funny photos, and stories.


Oscar the Grouch’s debut
He appeared on “Sesame Street” for the first time.

Donald Grump!
A parody of a certain future president appeared on “Sesame Street.” He had more trash than any other grouch. And, he often bragged about it!

Grumpy Cat
Tardar Sauce, aka Grumpy Cat, became an Internet celebrity after a picture of her wound up on Reddit. She became the subject of many internet memes with cynical jokes.

Grouchy song
Oscar the Grouch and Big Bird sang the famous song, “I Love Trash” on “The Colbert Report.”


Whine a little
Unleash that inner grouch — only to be really happy and grateful the rest of the year!

Share your sense of humor
Are you good at cracking cynical jokes? Do you have a dry sense of humor? National Grouch Day is the perfect day to show off your talent on the Internet.

Watch an episode of “Sesame Street”
Chances are — when you watch Oscar the Grouch on TV — he may lighten your mood!


How to spot a grouch
A grouch is an eccentric creature that loves to complain and is happiest when someone can share their misery. And grouches never admit to being happy because staying miserable is their main mission in life.

Oscar was once orange
Oscar the Grouch was originally orange in color — but he turned green after a vacation at Swamp Mushy Muddy.

Grouch therapy
According to psychologists, complaining sometimes can be good because it has a cathartic effect. But those who always see the glass half empty are not helping themselves.

Meet the grumpy frog
The Black Rain Frog isn’t grumpy at all — but looks that way because he has a perpetual frown on his face!

The grumpiest tourists
According to a MSN survey, the world’s grumpiest tourists come from Spain. Somehow we find that hard to believe!


It honors Oscar the Grouch
Oscar the Grouch happens to be one of the most loved characters on “Sesame Street.” It’s hardly surprising that there should be a day to honor this lovable, eccentric creature.

It allows us to vent
Reality check: No one can be happy all the time. So it’s good to complain and let it all out once in a while.

It’s funny
Social media sure has fun on this day with memes and parodies. Being silly can be fun!

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