National Homemade Cookies Day – October 1, 2023, history significance why we celebrate

National Homemade Cookies Day – October 1, 2023, history significance why we celebrate

With the average person consuming almost 19,000 cookies in a lifetime, On October 1st of every year, people are encouraged to prepare and enjoy homemade cookies with family and friends in honor of National Homemade Cookies Day. This warm-hearted event honors the beloved custom of making and sharing cookies while also indulging our sense of taste. We’ll look at the background, timeline, and ways to enjoy this beautiful day in this post.

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History of National Homemade Cookies Day

Cookies have been around since ancient times, according to historians. One of the earliest civilizations to produce tiny cakes that resembled what we now know as cookies was Egypt. Traditionally, honey, spices, and grains were used to make these early cookies.

Europe throughout the Middle Ages: In order to make their beautiful cookie designs, bakers in medieval Europe used complicated molds and carvings. Usually, these cookies were presented during feasts and other special occasions.

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Dutch Influence: The Dutch term “koekie,” which meaning tiny cake, is where the name “cookie” originates. Dutch immigrants to North America carried their baking customs with them, including the well-known windmill and speculaas cookies.

Cookies were produced in colonial America with ingredients that were easily accessible, like butter, sugar, and flour. These early American cookies comprised molasses and gingerbread varieties.

Chocolate Chip Revolution: The development of the chocolate chip cookie marks a turning point in the history of cookies. The first chocolate chip cookie is claimed to Ruth Wakefield, who ran the Toll House Inn in Whitman, Massachusetts, in the 1930s. This innovation, which transformed cookie baking, is today regarded as a classic.

National Homemade Cookies Day Timeline

  • Early 20th century: Making and exchanging baked cookies became popular as a sign of friendliness and community in American homes.
  • Late 20th Century: The popularity of making and exchanging cookie recipes increased in the late 20th century with the emergence of cooking shows, food blogs, and social media, sparking the unofficial observance of National Homemade Cookies Day.
  • 21st Century: The holiday has gained in popularity recently, with individuals from all walks of life taking part in the joy of preparing and consuming homemade cookies.


How to Celebrate National Homemade Cookies Day

Make a Batch of Cookies: Making a batch of your favorite handmade cookies is the most straightforward way to celebrate. Roll up your sleeves and start baking, whether it’s a traditional family recipe, oatmeal raisin, or chocolate chip. Think of including family or friends in a pleasant group activity.

Attempt New Recipes: National Homemade Cookie Day is a great time to try out fresh cookie recipes. To produce delicious and original desserts, experiment with various tastes, ingredients, and procedures.

Cookie Exchange Parties: Host a cookie exchange gathering when friends and family members bring several baked cookie varieties. Various sweets are available for everyone to enjoy and take home.

Support Local Bakeries: If you don’t feel like baking, consider buying some of your neighborhood bakeries’ baked cookies. Show your appreciation for the bakers’ art by sharing these goodies with close friends and family.

Social Media Sharing: Use the hashtag #HomemadeCookiesDay to post pictures of your homemade cookies on social media. To see what other people are baking and sharing, you can also use the hashtag.

Learn Fun Facts About Homemade Cookies

  1. Cookies in Space: Chocolate chip cookies were carried into space by astronauts on the Apollo 18 mission in 1975. However, in order to keep the crumbs from floating around the spacecraft while in microgravity, they had to use unique vacuum-sealed containers.
  2. The world’s largest homemade cookie was over 100 feet wide
  3. Baked in 2003 and weighing over 400,000 pounds, this cookie was baked in Flat Rock, North Carolina and required the building of a special oven. The cookie baking project functioned as a promotional event to raise money for a Folk Artists’ Foundation museum. Now that’s one big cookie!
  4. The word “cookie” comes from the Dutch language
  5. The world’s oldest cookie recipe was first recorded in Persia (modern-day Iran) in the seventh century. These early cookies were frequently baked using fruit and rosewater as components.

Quotes about cookies

“When you have a bad day, a really bad day, try and treat yourself to something sweet. It’s better than drowning your sorrows in salty snacks.” — Amanda Mosher


“Cookies are made of butter and love.” — Norwegian Proverb


“In the cookie of life, friends are the chocolate chips.” — Salman Rushdie



  1. Why is National Cookie Day?

    Matt Nader of the Blue Chip Cookie Company out of San Francisco created Cookie Day, celebrating it on December 4th.

  2. Is there a world cookie day?

    December 4, 2023 – Monday

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