National Veronica Day – October 14, 2022, history, significance

National Veronica Day – October 14, 2022, history, significance

National Veronica Day is on October 15. Veronica is a Latin girl’s name that means “she who delivers victory” or “real image.” The name Veronica conjures up images of saintliness, sensuality, and strength.

Berenice is the Latin form of the Greek name Berenike, which means ‘woman who delivers triumph,’ with the spelling influenced by the Latin phrase vera icon, which means “genuine image.” The caring woman who wiped Jesus’ face on his journey to Calvary and whose cloth was mysteriously imprinted with his image is today known as Veronica, and she is the patron saint of photographers.


The name Veronica is predominantly a Greek female name that means ‘truth.’ ‘Vera’ means ‘truth’ in Latin. Veronica was one of the women who defended Jesus before Pontius Pilate in the Bible. Veronica’s name is derived from the Greek term ‘Bere nike,’ which means “to bring victory.”

According to extra-biblical Christian sacred tradition, Saint Veronica, or Berenike, was a woman from Jerusalem who lived in the first century. She was a devout Jerusalem woman who wiped Jesus’ face on the way to the crucifixion;

according to tradition, the cloth was left with an impression of Jesus’ face, which could have been fabricated to explain the folk etymology. Her feast day was included under July 12 in the 17th-century “Acta Sanctorum” issued by the Bollandists. She is a venerated saint in many pious Christian countries.

There have been several women named Veronica who have made waves in pop culture. One is Veronica Lake, also known as Constance Ockelman, the 1940s’ peekaboo blonde. She frequently starred in femme fatale roles.

You may have also heard of Veronica Roth, the author of the “Divergent” books which have been adapted into movies. Then there is the fictional Veronica Ashford, the first Countess Ashford, a 19th-century British noblewoman. Another famous one is Veronica Lodge, the one heavily featured in the “Archie” comics, who is Betty’s sexy, dark-haired nemesis.

For the better part of a century, Veronica has been a top 400 name, peaking in popularity in the 1970s and 1980s, when it cracked the top 100.


1st Century
Saint Veronica
Saint Veronica, also known as Berenike, wipes the face of Jesus with a cloth.

17th Century
It Spreads to Scotland
The name Veronica spreads in popularity from France to Scotland.

19th Century
Popularity in England
By the end of this century, Veronica becomes a popular name in England.

Veronica Lodge
Lodge, one of the most memorable characters in comics, makes her debut in the “Archie” comics.


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Estimated population in America
With an estimated population of 212,248, Veronica is the 320th most prevalent given name in the United States.

67 of 100,000
For every 100,000 Americans, there are 67 persons named Veronica.

1,000 census entries in history
For the surname Veronica, there are 1,000 census entries available.

Variations of Veronica
Veronica is a well-known name with 68 variations in English and other languages.

Musicians make music about Veronica
The name Veronica has been featured in various songs by different musicians, including the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Elvis Costello.


Names serve as records
The name of a person acts as a record of their birth. It also relates to the circumstances surrounding their birth, such as their parents’ or siblings’ reactions.

It preserves legacies
Names ensure that legacies are passed on in the family. Names are occasionally chosen to preserve the continuity of familial links. Names can have a strong impact on a person’s sense of belonging.

Personalities are tied to names
Even if we don’t recognize someone, they are more than just a way to identify them. Their name is the first identifier. Names are intrinsically linked to a person’s identity and even their personality.

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