OBC candidates won up to 50% in the election

Minister Bhupendra Singh said

OBC candidates have won up to 50% in the local body election results that have come so far in the state. Minister Bhupendra Singh claimed that in the results of local body elections in the state, 40 to 50% candidates from OBC category have won at every level. This happened because of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s reservation to the OBCs and the BJP making a way to enter the election fray.

The record of the candidates who have won shows that OBC reservation has had an effect. Singh and the Other Backward Classes have congratulated the Chief Minister on this. He said that due to the determination of Shivraj, OBCs have been able to get reservation in these elections. Congress had filed a petition in the Supreme Court regarding the Panchayat elections. The court had directed to conduct elections without OBC reservation, but the Chief Minister should conduct elections only with OBC reservation. For this, court and administrative battles were fought on a war footing.

Formed the Other Backward Classes Commission and made a factual report regarding OBCs in a time-bound manner. This report was presented in the Supreme Court. On the basis of this report, the Supreme Court gave a historic decision and for the first time in the country, in Madhya Pradesh, the OBCs were given reservation in the panchayat and urban body elections. Due to this, OBCs have got more than 27 percent reservation in elections.

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