Ramesh Bidhuri, a BJP member, is the target of a privileges panel inquiry requested by BSP MP Danish Ali.

Danish Ali, a member of the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), has written to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla asking that the issue of Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Ramesh Bidhuri’s use of derogatory language and derogatory racial slurs in the Lok Sabha be submitted to the Privileges Committee.

BSP MP Danish Ali, at Parliament House complex, in New Delhi
BSP MP Danish Ali, at Parliament House complex, in New Delhi

In his letter to Speaker Om Birla, Danish Ali has sought immediate inquiry in the matter.

Bidhuri was caught on camera using derogatory comments toward BSP MP Danish Ali that amounted to name-calling and attacked his practice of Islam.

During a discussion in the Lok Sabha on the achievement of the Chandrayaan-3 mission on Thursday night, Bidhuri made the offensive comments directed at Danish Ali.

The BSP MP enumerated the derogatory terms Bidhuri used in the letter to him. “During his address, he hurled the filthiest, most slanderous insults at me, which are on the Lok Sabha’s record. In his letter to speaker Om Birla, Danish Ali wrote, “Among the words he directed against me were ‘Bhadwa’ (pimp), ‘Katwa’ (circumcised one), ‘Mullah ugravadi’ (Muslim terrorist), ‘atankvadi’ (terrorist), etc.

As a minority citizen of this wonderful country and an elected citizen of Parliament, Ali stated, “This is most unfortunate and the fact that it has happened in the new parliament building under your leadership as Speaker is truly heartbreaking for me.”

letter written by BSP MP Danish Ali to Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla
The letter written by BSP MP Danish Ali to Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla

The BSP MP from Amroha, Uttar Pradesh, requested that the subject be referred to the privileges committee in accordance with rule 227 of the norms of procedure and conduct of business in the Lok Sabha for review, investigation, and a report.

“This is the sole option for disciplining a seasoned member to prevent further deterioration of the national mood. Please order an investigation into the situation, I beg your good self,” he pleaded.

BJP sends Ramesh Bidhuri, a BJP member, a show-cause letter.

In the meantime, Ramesh Bidhuri, a party legislator, has been given a show-cause notice by BJP president JP Nadda for using offensive language in front of Danish Ali, a BSP representative, in Parliament.

The aforementioned comments were removed from the records of the Parliament, and Rajnath Singh, the Minister of Defense, promptly expressed remorse for Bidhuri’s conduct in the House.

For his remarks that were racially inflammatory, the BJP MP has been called for suspension by the opposition.

The Congress sought Ramesh Bidhuri’s immediate removal from the House after the BJP MP’s offensive comments in the Lok Sabha against BSP legislator Danish Ali.

Congress national secretary Jairam Ramesh called the comments an insult to all MPs and described Union Minister Rajnath Singh’s apologies as “mere eyewash” and unacceptable.

“What Bidhuri stated is a complete disgrace. The apology from Rajnath Singh is absolutely unacceptable. It was an afterthought, and it is only half-heartedly sorry.

When asked about the controversy, Ramesh told reporters, “What Bidhuri has stated is an insult to Parliament and makes a farce of what the prime minister keeps repeating, “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas, Sabka Sabka Vishvaas, Sabka Prayas,” which becomes all “bakwaas” (nonsense).

Source – livemint

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