Parker was a little bit too honest’

Parker was a little bit too honest’

Micah Richards says Scott Parker may have said too much in his comments after Bournemouth’s 9-0 loss to Liverpool.

In his post-match interview following Saturday’s defeat at Anfield, Parker said “there is no denying we are under-equipped at this level”.

Richard’s told BBC Radio 5 Live’s Monday Night Club: “He wears his heart on his sleeve. He is a great guy and can be very emotional at times.

“With that interview, he was a little bit too honest.

“He has basically said to his players that he doesn’t think they are very good, in a roundabout way. If I heard that from my manager, I’d be wondering if he thinks I am good enough. It puts that doubt in your mind. We are in the Premier League and you are supposed to be telling me how good we are, even if you’ve got to lie at certain times to build that confidence up.”

On whether he thinks Parker’s interview was more of a message to the Bournemouth hierarchy to act before the transfer window ends, Richards said: “With two days left of the transfer window, it’s too late.

Surely he is having these conversations beforehand. You aren’t going to get the player you want anyway, but even if you do get them you are going to have to pay too much money. I just think it’s too little too late for that.”

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