Priyanka wanted to become a gymnast, left behind family problems and created history commonwealth games

Priyanka wanted to become a gymnast, left behind family problems and created history

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Racer Priyanka Goswami used to dream of becoming a gymnast, but due to family problems, she took up athletics. Father was a bus conductor, but lost his job.

After losing her father’s job, facing weak financial condition and other difficulties, Priyanka traveled to her destination. On Saturday morning, Priyanka gave the biggest happiness to her family by winning a silver medal in the women’s 10,000 meter race walk at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games. Priyanka created history by performing brilliantly.

best performed Race

Priyanka completed this race in 43:38.82. Olympian Priyanka completed the 10,000 meters in 43:38.00 minutes, while Australia’s Jemima Montag took the gold with a timing of 42:34.00. Priyanka took the lead on the track as soon as the whistle blew and was first after 4,000 metres. Shortly thereafter, she trailed Jemima and Emily Wamusi Angie of Kenya. With just two kms left in the competition, Priyanka made a spectacular comeback to beat her Kenyan rival and claim a silver medal. On this achievement of Priyanka, her family is in seventh heaven.

Priyanka completed her schooling from Girls School and BK Maheshwari, Meerut. Studied BA in Patiala. During this time, his father used to send 4 to 5 thousand rupees by driving a taxi, doing flour mill and minor works. Priyanka worked hard and made her father’s hard work worthwhile.

became the first Indian woman

Priyanka also became the first Indian woman to win a medal in racewalking. She is also the second Indian player to win a Commonwealth medal in this sport. Earlier, Harminder Singh had won bronze in the 20 km race walking event of the 2010 Delhi Games.

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