Ranjeet shares vintage pic. Can you recognise all these Bollywood villains?

On Sunday, veteran actor Ranjeet who has appeared in over 500 films in his career, shared a throwback picture on Instagram.

Ranjeet shares vintage pic. Can you recognise all these Bollywood villains?

Actor Ranjeet Bedi dropped a throwback picture from the sets of a 90s film. Even though Ranjeet said that he doesn’t remember which film it was, his fans informed him that it was from the sets of his 1997 film Dhaal. The picture also featured, late actor Amrish Puri, Raza Murad, Danny Denzongpa and Prem Chopra.

Sharing the photo on Sunday, Ranjeet wrote, “All d Good Guys.” One fan commented, “All the good guys were bad guys in some movies. Legends.” One fan asked, “Which film was this?” Ranjeet replied him, “Sorry I don’t know.” Replying to this comment,

many fans wrote “Sir it is Dhaal.” One person joked, “Yeh koi movie nahi hai ye har hafte shareef logo ki mulaqaate hoti thi (This is not from a film, this is how decent people used to meet earlier).”

Born in Punjab’s Jandiala Guru town near Amritsar and named Gopal Bedi by his orthodox Sikh family, Ranjeet appeared in more than 500 films. Ranjeet, who studied in Delhi’s Hindu College for some time, got into the film industry in 1966-67, playing the role of Rekha’s brother in the movie Saawan Bhado.

He was given the screen name ‘Ranjeet’ by superstar Sunil Dutt with whom he did Reshma aur Shera in 1968. He bagged his first villainous role in 1971 with Shashi Kapoor and Rakhee’s Sharmeelee.

Last year, when he came to The Kapil Sharma Show he recalled that after Sharmeelee was released he was thrown out of the house and was told, “Yeh koi kaam hai? Koi major, officer, air force officer ya doctor ka role karo. Baap ka naak katwa diya hai.

Apna kaunsa mooh leke jayega Amritsar mein (What kind of work is this? You should take up roles like army major, officer, air force officer, or doctor. You have humiliated your father. How will he face everyone back home in Amritsar)?”

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