Relationship -4 Amazing Things Ladies Do That Guys Love

Their are lots of amazing things ladies do that cause guys to love them, but on this article I will be giving you four things ladies do that attracts guys attention to them.

It is believed that most times guys are attracted to ladies mostly base on their looks, physical appearance or the clothes they wear. Well it’s not just that. Some things that you do, unconsciously or conciously, can make him fall for you more than the way you dress or how pretty you look. When you’re in a relationship, everything your partner does appears to be lovely and cute. But in this case, I am referring to you, the ladies!

And in this article, I will be talking about what you can do as a lady to win the heart of your man completely.

Everyone deserves to be in a healthy, loving relationship and with the proper person by your side, a healthy relationship is entirely possible if you’re willing to go the extra mile to make it happen.

4 Amazing Things Ladies Do That Guys Love

How to keep your man always impressed by these cute things ladies do that men find attractive.

1. Cuddling

Cuddling is generally liked, whether you are watching a movie with your head on his chest or just relaxing in bed and hugging each other.

Aside to the normal cuddling,one aspect of cuddling that makes a man happy is when a lady touches his chest and feeling the warmth and just lightly moving your fingers around his chest.

2. Taking Something from his plate.

Guys enjoy it when you give him the impression that you are the giver. It does not always imply financial reliance. Anything you ask of him, or even take from him forcibly, he will enjoy. You don’t have to be afraid to take a few fries off his plate. He will be even better because guys love that childish attitude of girls.

3. Playing with his hairs

If you run your fingers through your guy’s hair you will see that he is leaning in and shutting his eyes. Some guys are possessive of their hair, and they don’t like it when strangers touch it. If he likes you however, he might feel at ease if you run your fingers through his hair. Your touch makes them feel unique and nurtured. You can make it more enjoyable for them by lightly stroking their scalp.

4. Take care of him like a child.

When it comes to his partner, guys love acting like children, but when she needs him he comes off the act and bring out the man in him.

Guys like it when you look after them, guys are psychologically tied to their mothers, so now that he’s with you if you can treat him like a child just like his mother did, he will feel really nurtured besides you are the only woman he knows now.

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