Story of Honest heroader boy (ethical education story)

Honest heroader boy (ethical education story)

Ramesh was very cute child. He reads the class second. National Festival of Independence Day was in order to celebrate the Ramhesh school. Ramesh was very excited to participate in this program. Ramesh had spoken to her class teacher in the Parade of Independence Day. There was no hatred of his happier, he happily started preparing to join this program.

Pre-practice continued with all the companions in Parade Independence Day and was very excited with excitement. The Parade is the day when he started preparing for school, Ramesh searched his grandfather.

Grandfather used to go to the continuous school with Ramesh. But grandfather did not get the mother, then the mother has gone to Dadaji Village. There is a badge of the grandmother’s phase, and in the hospital. Dads have gone, now I will give you the school to leave the village. Ramesh heard that it was very sad and he himself started to get an insult to go to grandmother.

On this, his mother Ramesh went to the village with him. When he reached the school after a few days, the Principal called all the children who did not participate in the parade. Ramesh’s name was not called on this, the rest of the students were asked to bring their guardians. Ramesh thought that my name Principal did not say he could have forgotten. Ramesh went to the Office of Principal and he told the Principal that ‘I did not even come to the parade that day.

But you did not take my name. Should I call my parents too? ‘Seeing this simple nature of Ramesh, the Principal was happy and he told Ramesh that my parents did not call me due to calling my school. I was glad to have you with my immunity. You study well and take part in the next time parade. Ethical education – Say may be true and should be truthful with the truth. The person’s nature is the introduction of that person.

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