Worship of the pillar of Parvati temple at Somnath

The pillar of Parvati temple to be built in the courtyard of the main temple of Jyotirlinga Somnath Mahadev at Prabhas Patan in Gir Somnath district was worshiped on Sunday. A total of 44 marble pillars will be installed in the Parvati temple made of white marble. There will be attractive carvings on them. The Brahmins performed the pillar rituals along with Vijay Bhatt, the chief priest of the temple. For the construction of the temple, the donor and chief guest Bhikhu Dhameliya of Surat and family members, Somnath Trust trustee J.D. Parmar, Praveen K. Laheri, Secretary Yogendra Desai etc. worshiped the pillar.

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