WWE Raw Results: Fan-favourite makes his return, Edge wrestles in hometown after 11 years

Know the full results of the WWE Monday Night RAW episode of August 23, which featured superstars like Bobby Lashley,Johnny Gargano , Edge in action

WWE Raw Results: Fan-favourite makes his return, Edge wrestles in hometown after 11 years

The latest episode of WWE Monday Night Raw which took place in Toronto, witnessed an all-out brawl between Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle while Johnny Gargano and Edge made their return on the red brand. Trish Stratus made a special appearance in this week’s episode, while Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky took on Asuka and Alexa Bliss in the semifinal round of the women’s tag team tournament. Here’s a look at the results from this week’s episode of WWE Raw

WWE Raw results

Matt Riddle all-out brawl against Seth Rollins

The latest episode of RAW opened with Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins going after each other backstage and then taking their fight into the crowd. The WWE officials had to finally intervene and pull the two apart

Women’s Tag Team Championship:Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky beat Alexa Bliss and Asuka

Both the teams put on a stellar show for the WWE universe in the all-important semifinal match. Sky started the match strongly getting better of Asuka before tagging in Kai. As the match progressed Kai hit a pump kick on Bliss, while Iyo Sky hit a springboard dropkick onto Asuka. Alexa Bliss bounced back to hit double DDT on Kai and Sky before Asuka locked in the Asuka Lock on Kai. Sky managed to tag herself in the match even though Asuka continued to lock her submission hold on Kai. Kai tapped out, but Sky who was the legal competitor blindsided Asuka and pinned her to pick up the victory and advance to the final.

Finn Bálor takes on Dolph Ziggler

The intense battle saw Bálor and Ziggler countering each other’s moves. While Ziggler tried to hit Famouser, Balor countered his move with a sit-out powerbomb. Ziggler then hit Balor with Zig Zag after he failed to land his signature move Coup de Grace. Rhea Ripley, who was at ringside during the match got involved multiple times and managed to get the better of Ziggler in the final stages of the match. Balor yet again hit 1916 followed by Coup de Grace to pick up the huge win.

Bayley faces Aliyah

Bayley wrestled in her first match since making her return at Summerslam. While Aliyah went on offense early on, the former women’s tag team champion eventually took control and began to dominate her less-experienced opponent. Bayley pinned Aliyah after hitting the Rose Plant.

Johnny Gargano superkicks Theory

Johnny Gargano made a completely unexpected return to WWE much to the surprise and delight of the fans who gave him a standing ovation. He was joined by Theory on the stage, and both of them talked about their old times during NXT. When Theory asked for a high-five, Gargano nailed him with a superkick to get a huge pop from the crowd.

The Miz and Ciampa win vs Bobby Lashley and AJ Styles

Bobby Lashley began the match with a delayed vertical Suplex on Ciampa, but the Miz and Ciampa showed their chemistry as they started to take control of the match. However, Lashley took control of the match hitting The Miz and Ciampa with a Reverse STO and a DDT at the same time. However, Ciampa fought back and hit Fairytale Ending, only for Lashley to respond with a vicious Spear. Dexter Lumis attacked The Miz leading to a disqualification win for Miz and Ciampa.

Edge faces Damien Priest

Edge was competing in his hometown for the first time in more than a decade as he faced Damien Priest in the main event. The match got physical with Priest hitting Edge with Razor’s Edge on the announce table. Priest looked to defeat Edge with the Spear, but Edge countered the move. In the closing stages, referee Charles Robinson was knocked out of the ring, with Priest bringing in steel chairs into play. Edge avoided the hit and used one of the supports from a chair to lock in a crossface. However, Priest hit Edge with a chair and tried pinning him but the Rated R superstar managed to kick out and then hit his former alluy with a Canadian Destroyer followed by Spear. Following the match, Balor and Ripley attacked Edge before his wife Beth Phoenix came to his rescue using steel chair.

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