Top 20 Best affordable and cheapest price hotels in Agra

Agra is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. It has several monuments, including the Taj Mahal, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. There are also many other attractions in Agra that you should consider visiting while there. Here we will discuss 20 hotels where you can stay at an affordable price:

Top 20 Best affordable and cheapest price hotels in Agra

Hotel Pushp Villa (Agra) (Near Taj Mahal)

Hotel Pushp Villa (Agra) (Near Taj Mahal)

Hotel Pushp Villa is located in the city of Agra, which is well known for its ancient monuments and historical sites. The hotel has a good location to explore these famous monuments from. The rooms are spacious and provide all the amenities that you need for your stay. The food at this hotel is good, so if you’re looking for something cheap but tasty then this place should be on your list! You can also enjoy some delicious food or drinks at their bar area if you feel like having some fun with friends or family members after exploring one of the many tourist attractions in Agra city during your vacation!

Pushp Villa provides modern facilities including Wi-Fi connectivity throughout its entire property along with 24-hour check-in/out convenience so guests don’t have any trouble finding their room easily when they arrive at nightime as well as before departure day morning hours since they’re already inside due time difference between two places (i’m talking about US vs India here). It’s always nice being able to rest easy knowing everything will run smoothly without any hiccups thanks again

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Hotel Baba Residency (Agra)

Hotel Baba Residency (Agra)

Hotel Baba Residency is a budget hotel in Agra. It has a good location and provides excellent amenities, food and service.

The hotel’s rooms are spacious enough to suit your needs while being reasonably priced at Rs 1500 per night (including taxes). The rooms have attached bathrooms with hot water supply, which makes them more convenient to use than shared showers or baths available at other hotels in the city. The decor includes wooden floors, wooden tables and chairs as well as traditional Indian paintings on walls. Read this – 20 Things You Should Know About Apj Abdul Kalam

Tara Niwas (Agra)

Tara Niwas (Agra)

Tara Niwas is a budget hotel in Agra. It offers free airport pickup and drop, which is a great feature for those who are visiting from abroad or need to travel on short notice. Tara Niwas is located in a quiet residential area, making it easy to enjoy your trip without any disturbances from outside noise or traffic.

Tara Niwas offers free wi-fi throughout the property, as well as an onsite gym (but no pool). Rooms at this hotel come with TV channels like HBO and Cinemax; there’s also an outdoor pool if you’re looking for some exercise after spending all day touring around India! Read this – China will attack Taiwan, America warned

Ganga Riviera (Agra)

Ganga Riviera (Agra)

Ganga Riviera is a budget hotel located in Agra city. It has rooms at an affordable price and it’s near the Taj Mahal, which makes it a great place for travelers who want to see both attractions at once.

The staff here are very helpful and friendly, so you can expect to get all the help you need from them during your stay here.

The hotel offers free WiFi throughout its entire property as well as breakfast service each morning (with options ranging from continental breakfast fare such as cereal or toast along with eggs cooked any style). Read this – 12 Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Switzerland Honeymoon Destination

Hotel Karan Vilas 2 (Agra)

Hotel Karan Vilas 2 (Agra)

Hotel Karan Vilas 2 (Agra) is a 3-star hotel located in Agra, India. It has been rated 4.5 out of 5 by guests and has received positive reviews from TripAdvisor.

The rooms are spacious with all modern facilities and amenities such as LCD TV, hot/cold shower, Wi-Fi internet access and TV channel list on request.

All rooms have balconies or terraces where you can enjoy fresh air while relaxing after a long day at work or sightseeing in Agra.

The hotel offers two restaurants – one for breakfast (7 AM to 11 AM) & lunch buffet served between 12:30 PM to 3 PM; another one for dinner buffet served between 6 PM to 10 PM every night except Sundays when it closes earlier at 7:30PM due to religious holidays like Diwali & Holi etc., along with bar lounge area where you can hangout during leisure time. Read this –14 Reasons You Should Talking About Shahrukh Khan, biography

Yash Vatika Banquet & Hotel (Near Taj Mahal)

Yash Vatika Banquet & Hotel is a 3 star hotel in Agra. It is located in Tajganj, close to the Taj Mahal and offers easy access to all the main attractions of this city. The rooms are well-furnished with modern amenities and have attached bathrooms with hot and cold water supply, an attached toilet, TV set with satellite channels, telephone facility and tea/coffee maker. There are also balconies or terraces where you can sit enjoying your meal or watching people passing by below you on busy streets like Chandni Chowk etc.,

The restaurant serves traditional Indian as well as continental cuisine at reasonable rates along with buffet breakfast which includes eggs cooked any way you wish them to be (boiled/fried), potato salad / salad bar along side butter chicken / subz masala noodles etc., meat curries including fish tikka masala though limited choices available here due out from time to time due lack of supply itself but still worth trying once tasted even if only once! Read this – How to sex first time with partner

Harsh Palace Hotel & Restaurant (Agra Cantt)

Harsh Palace Hotel & Restaurant (Agra Cantt)

Hotel Harsh Palace is situated in Agra Cantt, which is a few kilometers away from Taj Mahal. The hotel is a good option for budget travelers. It is located in a peaceful area and is easily accessible by public transport or taxi.

The hotel has an excellent restaurant where you can enjoy delicious food at reasonable prices. The restaurant serves home-cooked meals along with Indian and continental cuisines to its guests who are looking for both taste and variety in their meal plans.

Suryaa Villa Agra by 1589 Hotels (Agra Cantt)

Suryaa Villa Agra by 1589 Hotels

Suryaa Villa Agra by 1589 Hotels (Agra Cantt) is a four star hotel in Agra. It is located at the heart of the city, close to all major tourist attractions and within walking distance from most restaurants, shops and entertainment options.

The hotel offers a wide range of accommodation options including deluxe rooms with king size beds or double queen size beds, deluxe suites with two double bedrooms or three single bedrooms each having their own private bathrooms along with executive suites which have an attached bathtub/shower room facility. There are also luxury villas available here that can accommodate up to 5 persons comfortably at one time!

The staff here will make sure you have an enjoyable stay while providing exceptional service along with providing complimentary breakfast buffet every morning before departing for your next destination on any day except Saturdays (breakfast would be served at 10 am).

Niharika Residency (Near Agra Cantt Railway Station)

Niharika Residency

Niharika Residency is located near the Agra Cantt Railway Station. It has a good location and offers good service. The hotel has some nice facilities, such as restaurant and room service. You can also enjoy your stay at this hotel by enjoying its recreational activities like swimming pool, gymnasium, indoor games etc., which will help you relax after a busy day of sightseeing in Agra city.

The hotel offers 49 rooms with basic amenities like television set, telephone facility and attached bathroom along with mini bar & breakfast included in room tariff rate

Hotel Sidhartha Inn (Near Taj Mahal East Gate)

Hotel Sidhartha Inn (Near Taj Mahal East Gate)

Hotel Sidhartha Inn (Near Taj Mahal East Gate) is located in the heart of Agra. It’s a short walk from both the east and west gates of the Taj Mahal. The hotel offers rooms with free WiFi, 24-hour room service, and an airport transfer service for guests who are flying in or out of Delhi airport.

The hotel has 71 rooms spread across two buildings: one with 24 rooms on each floor and another with 15 on each floor. Each room comes equipped with air conditioning, cable TV channels like Star Sports 1/HD channels and CNN IBN News Channel; tea/coffee maker; mini bar facility; refrigerator; hot & cold water supply (hot water – unlimited); telephone landline call charges apply separately if booked online through this website only.)

Wave Hotel – Agra City Centre – MG Road (Agra Cantt)

Wave Hotel is situated on M.G.Road, Agra and is a budget hotel in Agra. It has a restaurant, bar, gym and pool available to its guests at affordable rates. The hotel also provides business center where you can work without any interruption or disturbance from other people around you!

Hotel Evelyn Service Apartment Dayal Bagh Road Near Rambagh Circle, Agra 282005 India(Agra City Center)

Agra City Center is a prime location to stay in Agra. It has been built using the finest materials, so you can expect an environment that is comfortable and relaxing. The hotel offers an excellent service with friendly staff who will make sure that your visit to this city is one to remember for years to come!

This hotel has many amenities such as:

Free Wi-Fi throughout the property

24-hour room service

Complimentary breakfast buffet

New M K International, Sanjay Place, M.G.Road,Agra-282002.(AGRA CITY CENTRE-M.G.ROAD AREA NEAR SANJAY PLACE)

The hotel is located in Agra City Centre, M.G.Road area near Sanjay Place. It has a swimming pool and an outdoor restaurant, where you can enjoy your meals while watching the sunset over the Taj Mahal from its terrace.

The rooms are spacious with wooden furniture and balconies that overlook the city center or gardens behind them. The bathrooms are modern with all amenities including hot water showers, hairdryers and free Wi-Fi connection throughout the property.

There’s parking space for cars on site at no cost but if you have your own vehicle then there’s a pay garage nearby which charges Rs 300 per day (Rs 900 per week).

Crystal Sarovar Premiere Agra(Tajganj Area 4Kms from the Tajmahal and 1Km from Idgah Bus Stand.)

Crystal Sarovar Premier Agra(Tajganj Area 4Kms from the Tajmahal and 1Km from Idgah Bus Stand.)


All the hotel prices are in Indian Rupees and there is a 10% service charge added. All the hotels mentioned above are situated close to each other so you can also choose from them without any problem.

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