JEE Advanced 2022 LIVE: Paper 2 Over; Updates On Expert Analysis, Students’ Reactions, Answer Key

JEE Advanced 2022 LIVE: Paper 2 Over; Updates On Expert Analysis, Students’ Reactions, Answer Key

JEE Advanced 2022 begins. The first paper ended at 12 pm and second shift at 5:30 pm. Check paper analysis here.

JEE Advanced 2022 Live Updates:

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay conducted JEE Advanced 2022 on August 28, Sunday. The first paper started at 9 am and ended at 12 pm. The second paper was held from 2:30 to 5:30 pm. Both papers are compulsory.

Candidates had to to bring their admit card along with a valid photo ID to the exam centre. They were asked to follow all the given instructions and dress code while appearing in the exam.

The top 2.5 lakh candidates who qualify in JEE Main are eligible to appear for JEE Advanced. The exam, among other institutions, is for admission to undergraduate level courses at IITs.

Follow all the updates here:

JEE Advanced 2022 paper 2 analysis: Maths

Mathematics (Moderately & Lengthy) There were more questions from Calculus & Coordinate Geometry. Questions were mixed concept questions clubbing two chapters asked from Functions & Progressions, Application of Derivatives clubbed with Differential Equation, Circle clubbed with Trigonometry, Vectors clubbed with Matrices, and some direct questions from Hyperbola, Ellipse, Permutation & Combination, Probability, Definite Integration with Inverse of function. Questions had lengthy calculations.

-by Ramesh Batlish, Head-FIITJEE Noida

JEE Advanced 2022 paper 2 analysis: Physics

Physics (Moderate & Lengthy) There were more concept based and covered all chapters. Students reported this section to be Moderate. Questions were asked from Optics, Kinematics, Work Power & Energy, Rotational Motion, Thermodynamics mixed with Surface Tension, Current Electricity, Electrostatics, Magnetism. Mixed concepts questions took more time, so some students found this section lengthy.

-by Ramesh Batlish, Head-FIITJEE Noida

JEE Advanced 2022 paper 2 analysis: Chemistry

Chemistry: Easy, Balanced Section. In Physical Chemistry, there were questions from Electrochemistry, Mole Concept, Surface Chemistry, Thermodynamics & Chemical Kinetics. Organic Chemistry was well distributed with more mixed concept-based questions. No direct questions in Inorganic Chemistry, there were questions from p-block specially reaction based.

-by Ramesh Batlish, Head-FIITJEE Noida

JEE Advanced 2022 paper 1: Maths ‘tricky’

“Mathematics, was tricky & difficult as per students. There were 2 questions from 3D Geometry. Some tricky questions from Functions, Matrices, Ellipse, Vectors, Probability, Harmonic Progressions, Trigonometric Equations. Some good questions were asked from chapters of Probability, Complex Numbers,3-D Geometry, Conic Sections. Students felt this section was the Toughest,” he added.

JEE Advanced 2022 paper 1: Physics section analysis

“Physics. Had more than one question from chapters like Rotational Motion- 3 questions, Thermodynamics-2 questions, Modern Physics-2 questions, Capacitors-2 questions, LC Circuits, Kinematics, Gravitation, Optics, Current Electricity. Overall, this section was moderate compared to the other two subjects as per students,” the expert said.

JEE Advanced 2022 paper 1 analysis: Chemistry

The Chemistry part was a balanced with equal coverage of questions from Class 11 and Class 12 chapters.

“In Physical Chemistry questions covered chapters of Electrochemistry, Chemical Equilibrium, Atomic Structure. Thermodynamics (Kinetic Theory Gases). In Organic Chemistry, questions mostly asked from Amines, Polymers, Biomolecules, Oxygen containing Compounds, some named reactions were also asked,” Batlish said.

JEE Advanced 2022 paper 1 analysis

Students found the first paper moderately difficult, according to FIITJEE expert Ramesh Batlish. “Some students have reported Physics was Moderate, Chemistry was Easy but Maths relatively difficult,” he said.

JEE Advanced 2022: Shift 2 exam over

Paper 2 exam of JEE Advanced 2022 ended at 5:30 pm. Stay tuned for paper analysis updates.

JEE Advanced 2022: 54 questions in paper 1

In the first paper, there were 54 questions in total and each section had 18 questions, Kumar added.

JEE Advanced paper 1 analysis: Maths ‘easy’, Chemistry ‘scoring’

Saurabh Kumar, Chief Academic Officer, Vidyamandir Classes, based on students’ feedback, analysed that Maths part in JEE Main paper 1 was normal and not tough, Chemistry was scoring and the Physics part was a bit difficult.

JEE Advanced 2022: Answer key and responses release dates

Copy of candidate responses to be available on the JEE Advanced 2022 website, on September 1. Provisional answer keys will be out on September 3.

JEE Advanced 2022: Paper 1 analysis soon

How was the first paper of JEE Advanced 2022? Paper analysis and other details will be available soon. Stay tuned.

JEE Advanced 2022 paper 2 from 2:30 pm

The second paper of JEE Advanced 2022 will begin at 2:30 pm and end at 5:30 pm.

JEE Advanced paper 1 exam over

The first paper of JEE Advanced 2022 ended at 12 pm.

JEE Advanced 2022: Both papers compulsory

In JEE Advanced, appearing in both paper 1 and paper 2 is compulsory.

JEE Advanced 2022 paper 1 exam begins

JEE Advanced 2022 begins. The first paper started at 9 am and it will end at 12 pm. Paper analysis and other details will be available soon

JEE Advanced 2022 paper 1 from 9 am

The first paper of JEE Advanced begins in 20 minutes. The exam will continue till 12 pm.

JEE Advanced admit card 2022

Those who need to download the JEE Advanced admit card can use the link below:

JEE Advanced admit card 2022

JEE Advanced 2022 dress code

Do not wear charm/taweez, items containing metals such as ring, bracelet, earrings, nose pin, chain/necklace, pendant, badge, brooch, clothes with big buttons for the JEE Advanced exam. Wear open footwear like chappals and sandals.

JEE Advanced 2022: Items not allowed

The following items will not be allowed inside the JEE Advanced examination centre:

Smart/digital/programmable watches, mobile phones, Bluetooth devices, earphones, microphones, pagers, health bands or any other electronic gadgets, any printed/blank/hand written paper, log tables, writing pads, scales, geometry/pencil-boxes, pouches, calculators, pen drives, electronic pens, wallets, handbags, goggles or similar such items.

IIT JEE Advanced 2022: Items allowed

Pens, pencils, drinking water in transparent bottle, downloaded admit card and an original photo identity card are allowed inside the examination hall. A candidate can wear a simple analog watch.

JEE Advanced 2022: Disqualification from exam

Impersonation and/or use of any other unfair means in the examination are considered as serious offences it will lead to disqualification of one’s candidature from JEE (Advanced) 2022 and all admission related processes. It may also lead to legal action against such candidates, as per an official statement.

JEE Advanced 2022: Exam day instructions

Candidates’ identity will be verified at the examination centre by invigilators. If the identity of a candidate is in doubt, the candidate may not be allowed to appear for the examination.

However, the IIT authorities, at their discretion, may provisionally permit the candidate to appear for the examination after completing certain formalities. No extra time will be allowed for completing the examination in lieu of the time taken for completing these formalities.

JEE Advanced 2022: List of valid photo IDs

Aadhar card

School/College/Institute ID

Driving license

Voter ID


PAN card

Notarized certificate with photograph

Documents required during JEE Advanced 2022

As per official information, candidates must carry a printed copy of the admit card and a valid original photo identity card to appear in JEE Advanced.

JEE Advanced 2022: Paper timings

Paper 1: 9 am to 12 pm

Paper 2: 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm

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