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First time gym goers sometimes injure themselves due to lack of knowledge or curiosity. Sometimes this injury is limited to the pain of the body, and sometimes it becomes the cause of serious problems. Know when you are going to the gym for the first time..

Keep these things in mind before going to the gym

First time take 45 minute session

Keep sessions of 45 minutes or less for exercise. Do not increase the time of exercise by yourself, but talk to the coach for it. Also keep in mind that do not go hungry for exercise, rather plan your pre-workout meal with the help of a coach. The stomach should not be completely full. Get the diet fixed after returning from the gym.

Fitness assessment is necessary before going to the gym

A fitness assessment is a must before going to the gym. That is, get the necessary tests done for hemoglobin proof body. In this, tests like flexibility, cardio-vascular, get done under the supervision of a specialist. Let the body open. Allow the body to get used to the exercise for at least two weeks, until then do light exercises. Take rest between two sets.

attention to hygiene most important

Wear clean and loose clothes and take care of your personal hygiene. Apart from water bottle, sanitizer, deodorant, mask, you can also keep an extra t-shirt in the gym bag. Also keep in mind that because of you, others do not get hurt.

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