Raw or boiled milk, which one is beneficial health tips nutrition,cons

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Often the question arises in the minds of people that raw or boiled milk, which of the two is more beneficial. Both have advantages. Know about it –

benefits of boiled milk health tips

Boiled milk reduces the risk of bacterial infection. There are also uses like preservatives in storing it for a long time, which can harm the body by its raw use.

why drink raw milk , health tips

It has more good bacteria. Digestion remains fine. Retinol makes the skin glow. Get more calcium. Take care of accuracy.

Follow these ways of drinking milk and reap the benefits

  • Garlic can be consumed by boiling garlic in milk in the form of Ksheerpak. Obesity, cholesterol, and triglycerides are reduced.
  • Arjuna powder can be boiled in it in the form of Arjuna Kshirpak. This strengthens the heart muscle.
  • Sherbets like sandalwood, Manjistha enhance its properties.
  • In Panchakarma, milk is used along with medicines in Shirodhara Kriya. It provides relief in problems like headache, fatigue, mania, high BP.
  • Take it out of the fridge and heat the milk only after it comes to normal temperature.
  • It is better to drink it lukewarm and at bedtime.

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