Violence erupts between Israeli army and Gaza Strip fighters

Picture source – BBC

The Israeli army is carrying out Operation Breaking Dawn to destroy the Palestinian terrorist group PIJ. Israeli airstrikes killed 11 people, including a five-year-old girl and PIJ leader Taisir Jabri. The operation, which started on Friday, is expected to last for a week. 19 PIJ members have been arrested in raids in the occupied West Bank. Israel has It is alleged that rockets were fired at them from Gaza, in response to which this action has been taken. Warning sirens are sounding in cities on both sides. In less than a year, new violence has erupted between Israel and Gaza. In May 2021, more than 200 Palestinians and 12 Israelis were killed before a ceasefire in the two fought for 11 days. Hamas is said to have not yet been involved in the new violence, which is the largest group in the region and whose ideology is similar to that of the PIJ.

Why did this violence , Israel

Israel had arrested Bassem Saadi, the PIJ leader from the West Bank a few days ago. On this the PIJ threatened to retaliate by bombing Israel.

Israel alleges that about 200 rockets were fired at night from Gaza towards Israel. Most were stopped by the Iron Dome. In response, Israel has launched a campaign to destroy the terrorist group.

The PIJ is one of the strongest terrorist groups operating in Gaza. It is believed to be backed by Iran and is headquartered in Damascus, the Syrian capital.

It has been responsible for several attacks on Israel, ranging from rocket-fire to shelling. In November 2019, a five-day war broke out between Israel and the PIJ. 34 Palestinians were killed.

If Hamas also jumps, a big struggle will break out.

Israel claims that 30 of the group’s bases have been targeted in the crackdown on the PIJ, two of them weapons storage facilities and six rocket manufacturing sites. While there are no reports of air strikes targeting the Hamas group so far, Hamas has not yet entered the fight. However, if the conflict is believed to be prolonged, then Hamas may also go down with the PIJ, the consequences of which can be dire.

This battle for supremacy is old

The battle for supremacy in Israel and Palestine goes back more than 100 years. Israel currently occupies the West Bank. Palestine also claims this area as its own. At the same time, the Gaza Strip is between Israel and Egypt. Hamas is here. The area of the Golan Heights is also disputed.

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