Vet Nurse Day – October 14, 2022, history, significance

Vet Nurse Day – October 14, 2022, history, significance

Vet Nurse Day is observed on the second Friday in October to recognize the nurses who play a significant role in veterinary care. This year, it takes place on October 14. The objective of the holiday is to appreciate the work of veterinary nurses and technicians, and remember the positive impact of their work.

It is the perfect time to recognize the irreplaceable work these professionals do. Vet Nurse Day was first established by the Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia (V.N.C.A.) to “raise awareness of the importance of veterinary nurses to the veterinary industry and to the wider community.”


This history of veterinary medicine goes all the way back to Mesopotamia in 3000 B.C., where an individual named Urlugaledinna was hailed as an “expert in treating animals.” Since then, history has been rife with mentions of veterinary practices across the world. One of the first written mentions came in 1900 B.C., enshrined within sacred Hindu texts.

The formal start of veterinary medicine, however, came much later in Lyon, France, in 1761, when Claude Bourgelat founded the first veterinary school. Formal British veterinary practices can be owed to the Odiham Agricultural Society, from which the London Veterinary College was born in 1791.

The American Veterinary Medical Association was established in 1863 to advance veterinary medicine and its propounders. The Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.) further established the Veterinary Medical Branch in 1965 to supervise veterinary pharmaceuticals — this later developed into the Center for Veterinary Medicine (C.V.M.).

Veterinary medicine has undergone many changes over the centuries. Initially, its focus was the treatment of livestock, but it has since expanded to include domesticated animals as well as wild animals.

Today, vets and para veterinary workers such as vet nurses and technicians diagnose, treat, and help a variety of animals keep safe and healthy. They are, most often, obliged to look after animal welfare. They also help maintain the food chain and prevent the spread of zoonotic diseases — diseases that transfer from animals to humans.


3000 B.C.
The Father of Veterinarians
Urlugaledinna, a man from Mesopotamia, is hailed as an expert in the treatment of animals.

The First Veterinary School
The very first veterinary school is established in Lyons, France.

Veterinary Medicine in Britain
The London Veterinary College is born.

American Veterinary Medicine
The American Veterinary Medical Association is established.


Thank your local vet nurses
Show gratitude to your local vet nurses. By simply thanking them for their work, you’ll make them feel appreciated.

Give them a small token
If you can, get them flowers or a card showing your appreciation. It’s bound to bring a smile to their faces.

Talk about it on social media
Raise awareness by talking about Vet Nurse Day on social media. Share the information you receive with your friends and family.


Jumping fleas
Fleas can jump 350 times their height.

Flying mammals
The only mammal that is capable of flight is the bat.

Many hearts
Octopi have three hearts.

A polar bear’s skin
Polar bears have black skin.

Accented speech
Young goats can pick up accents from each other.


It highlights the importance of vet nurses
Vet nurses are invaluable to the health and safety of our pets. Vet Nurse Day serves as a reminder of just how important they are.

It’s a vet nurse appreciation day
Being a medical professional, especially a nurse, is often a thankless job. Vet Nurse Day is the perfect reminder to appreciate vet nurses.

It’s an excuse to bring them gifts
We bet your local vet nurses are delightful to interact with. Today is the perfect excuse to give them a small token of your gratitude.

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